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USS Little Rock Association

Founded June 28, 1991
James Kays,  Donald Schuld,  John Sheppard  &  Ed Caggiano, the USS Little Rock Association is a
not-for-profit corporation, incorporated in New York. The Association offers men who served on the LITTLE ROCK
an opportunity
to renew old friendships, make new ones, and to tell and retell the stories of their youth aboard this fine ship.

This website is dedicated to the Sailors and Marines who,
in the past, manned
and to those who will soon be manning USS LITTLE ROCK LCS 9.

CL92 at Anchor CLG4 1970's LCS1 Underway
U.S.S. Little Rock CL 92 U.S.S. Little Rock CLG 4 / CG 4 U.S.S. Little Rock LCS 9

USS Little Rock Association Annual Reunion - CANCELLED
The 2017 Shipmates' Reunion has been cancelled
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Last update: 06 June 2017

NEW !      News about USS Little Rock LCS 9. . .
Builder's Trials -  Completed !    Seaworthiness Trials - Completed !
Commissioning - Next !

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Last update: 8 October 2017

NEW !  2017 Workparties . . .
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For Fall 2017 click HERE for information.
Last update: 13 June 2017

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CL 92
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CLG 4 / CG 4
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CL 92  - History CLG 4 / CG 4 - History LCS 9 - History
CL 92 - Commanding Officers CLG 4 / CG 4 Commanding Officers LCS 9 - Commanding Officers

Information about the Association . . .
Officers, Directors
U.S.S. Little Rock Association
Membership Application
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History & Facts Page

***  "Quick Links Matrix"  ***
for USS Little Rock's History, Ship and Crew Data,
Rosters, Photos, Chronologies,
Navy "Stuff", etc.

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History & Facts Page

NEW !    Information about the Annual Shipboard Work Party . . .
What is it...?
and What Do I Need to Bring?

We Need You !
Late Fall - 2017
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Previous Work Parties...
Participants & Photos

Attendees at Past Reunions:

1992 - Buffalo,  NY
1993 - Little Rock,  AR
1994 - Norfolk,  VA
1995 - Buffalo,  NY
1996 - Boston,  MA
1997 - Charleston,  SC
1998 - Buffalo,  NY
1999 - Washington, DC
2000 - Buffalo,  NY
2001 - Phila,  PA
2002 - San Diego, CA
2003 - Buffalo,  NY
2004 - No. Kentucky
2005 - Buffalo,  NY
2006 - Boston,  MA
USS Little Rock Association's
Annual Reunion

The annual U.S.S. Little Rock Association Reunion is a highlight for hundreds of Association members each year.

As noted above, the 2017 Association Reunion has been cancelled because of potential conflicts with the planned commissioning of USS Little Rock LCS 9 in Buffalo!  You can check the website and watch your mail for info regarding the exact date of the LCS 9 commissioning event.

Typically, reunions are held in Buffalo, New York every second year, and elsewhere throughout the USA on alternate years. The reunion draws members together from literally all over the world.

Shipmates, spouses, children, grandkids and "significant others" find this event has something for everyone.

The 2018 REUNION (our 26th !!!) will be held in in Portland, Maine!

Details regarding dates and venue will be published as soon as  details are finalized.
Click HERE for photos of the 2016 reunion.

Attendees at Past Reunions:

2007 - Buffalo,  NY
2008 - Canada Cruise
2009 - Buffalo, NY
2010 - Portland, ME
2011 - Buffalo, NY
2012 - Wilmington, NC
2013 - Buffalo, NY
2014 - Norfolk, VA
2015 - Buffalo, NY
2016 - Warwick, RI

2017 - CANCELLED !

2018 - Portland, ME !

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The latest news from the Association, the Buffalo Naval Park, and the Fleet.  

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While some may consider it unlucky to have a woman aboard ship, the USS Little Rock Association feels just the opposite when it comes to
having women as part of our group. In fact, the ladies of the Association have their own group within the organization. Click below to get
the latest from the Auxiliary and check back often for updates on how this spirited group interacts with the Association.

The Latest News from the Ladies

USS Little Rock Association's Scholarship Program

Did you know that your Association's Scholarship Program provides financial assistance to qualifying college sophomores?
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 NEW !  Committee Correspondence

 Scholarship Program - 2016 Winners !

NEW ! Descendant Scholarship Program Details - Call For 2017 Applications

NROTC Program Details

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Name Rate/Rank Yrs. On Board
Name Rate/Rank Yrs. On Board
• Thomas, Stephen C. 8/17(*)
FTMC 66 - 68
• Nicosia, Paul R. 7/17 (*) SK3 64 - 66
• Fletcher, Paul E. 7/17 (*) YN3
61 - 62
Barnett, Phillip C. 6/17 (*) BT3 75 - 76
Spisak, Michael L. 6/17 (*) SN 76 - 76
Supanich, William A. 6/17 (*) OS3 73 - 75
Cipriano, Richard 5/17 FTG3 73 - 75
Stout, Robert J. 5/17 (*) PH3 75-76
Lewin Jr., James 5/17 (*) FTM3 63 - 66
Alimbuyao, Romeo G. 5/17 (*) SN 73 - 75

•  Newest Member(s)

(*)  Indicates new members with their e-mail address listed on the Sailors On Line ("S.O.L.") page.
00 / 00 after a Member's name indicates the Month / Year they joined
the Association.
in Rate/Rank column indicates Associate Member.

Historic World Events

Were YOU there? Then your input is needed!

There were many Historic World Events which occurred during the USS Little Rock's life.
Check out the "Historical Events" page and then tell us what YOU recall about those times.

•  •  •  U.S.S. Little Rock Crew Rosters  •  •  •

CL 92
(1945  -  1949)

Plank Owners
Crew & Officers

Little Rock Association Active Members
Little Rock Association "Sailors On Line"
E-Mail Addresses
Little Rock Crew - Dates of Service Unknown
Little Rock Marines (CL 92 / CLG 4 / CG 4)
All Known Deceased Little Rock Shipmates
Recently Deceased Shipmates
(with Obituaries if available)

CLG 4 / CG 4
(1960 - 1976)

Plank Owners
Crew & Officers

Photo Galleries of the Ships, the Crews, and the Places We've Been....

CL92 Photos

CLG 4 and CG 4 Photos LCS 9 Photos
(Coming Soon!)
We've Been
Candid Ship
Action Photos
Candid Crew
Action Photos

Have a photo to contribute? Contact the Webmaster.


Memories about life on the
USS Little Rock as recalled
by the crew.



Official U.S. Navy transcripts
of Oral Histories given by
Little Rock  crewmembers.

LitComs ...

LitComs ...

LitComs ...
"LitComs" is the official newsletter of the USS Little Rock Association and is a benefit of your membership. LitComs now is transmitted via email. Members who do not have email addresses on file will receive their copy via post, within a week or so after the electronic edition is published. Members are welcome to submit informative articles for re-printing in LitComs. These may be sent to Frank Berglas (contact info at right). Frank E. Berglas
63 Barnes Rd
Stamford, CT 06902-1201

E-Mail: littlerockassn@yahoo.com

The Naval Order of the United States

The Naval Order of the United States is a fraternal organization founded in 1890. Its "charge" is to promote and encourage research and writing on naval and maritime subjects, and to promote the preservation of historic artifacts and memories of our naval and maritime history.

Membership is available to members of the: U.S. Navy, Marine Corps, and Coast Guard, as well as the Commissioned Corps of:
the U.S. Public Health Service, the National Oceanic & Atmospheric Administration, and the U.S. Merchant Marine.

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Buffalo Naval Park

Annual Shipmate's Reunion

The USS Little Rock Association needs YOU!

The legacy of the Little Rock and of her crew depends entirely on the strength of her Association.

Your membership in the Association helps preserve this legacy and provides a solid network of crew members with whom to share our experiences and memories.

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Annual Workparty

"Mystery Photos"
Mystery Photo #29

Helo Wipe-Down

(Click on the picture for a larger view.)

Who? What? Where & When ?

Mystery Photos are are way for us to get information about some of the many
different aspects of the USS Little Rock, her life, her crew and her adventures.
They are not trick questions,  but a bonafide search for information....

This Mystery Photo (at the left) shows a gentleman diligently keeping
 LITTLE ROCK's helicopter looking "squared away".
Who is he?  Anyone know his name?

If you have a clue about this, shoot us an e-mail via the "Mystery Photo #29" topic on
the Messages, News and Bulletin Board  or  e-mail the webmaster.

You can view previous Mystery Photos HERE.


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