A Chronological History
of the U.S. Navy Cruiser
CL 92 / CLG 4 / CG 4

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1947 - 1956

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13 Dec - 06 Jan

Moored at Pier 26, North River, New York, NY
06 Jan

Depart New York for Newport, RI
09 Jan

Arrive Newport, RI
Jan (2 weeks)

Conducted training exercises out of Newport to prepare for two-week Naval Reserve training cruise out of Charleston, SC
03 Feb

Admiral Marc A. Mitscher dies.
05 Feb

Depart Newport, RI
08 Feb

1039 Moored portside to Pier 7F, Navy Yard Charleston, SC. to embarked Naval Reserve personnel for training cruise.

Note: "The Bulletin Board" section of the February 1947 issue of All Hands magazine reported in an article entitled "Many Cruises Scheduled for Reserves; 6,150 Will Take Part in Training Afloat" that:  "09 to 22 February  -  USS LITTLE ROCK (CL-92) will depart Charleston, S.C., for San Juan, Puerto Rico, with billets for 33 Reserve officers and 315 Reserve enlisted men."
10 Feb

Underway from Charleston at 1002 for San Juan, Puerto Rico.
15 Feb

1057 Moored portside to Naval Base, San Juan, PR.
17 Feb

Underway for Guantanamo Bay operating area.
22 Feb

Returned to Pier 7F, Navy Yard Charleston, SC to disembark large number of reservists.
1530 Underway for Leonardo, NJ.
24 Feb

1018 Moored portside to Naval Ammo Pier #1, Berth #1, Leonardo, NJ to unload ammo.
25 Feb

1508 Underway for Gravesend Bay, NY.
26 Feb

0702 Passed under Brooklyn Bridge after anchoring in Gravesend Bay.
27 Feb

Moored Berth #5, Pier D, New York Naval Shipyard, Brooklyn, NY. Later moved to Drydock #4.
01 Mar

Begin three month overhaul at New York Naval Shipyard, Naval Base Station, Brooklyn, NY.
10 (12?) Mar

Captain Francis J. Mee (a classmate of Captain Smith-Hutton) relieves Captain Henri Smith-Hutton as CO of CL 92.
20 Jun

At New York Naval Base Shipyard, Brooklyn, NY (Picture)
28 Jun

Transferred approx. 100 men to USS Wilkes-Barre CL-103
29 Jun

1336 Underway
01 Jul

Moored portside to Berth A-2, Naval Ammo Pier, Leonardo, NJ.
Gunnery Officer - LCDR Roderick O. Middleton
2nd Division Officer - ENS William O. Raimmie.
1512 Underway for Newport, RI.
02 Jul

Moored to Buoy 2 in Gravesend Bay, NY.
03 Jul

0752 Moored Buoy M-20, Narragansett Bay, Newport, RI.   Rear Admiral Cooley, USN aboard on official business.

1430 received on board 34 cases of cigarettes, gross weight 900 lbs. Inspected as to quality by LCDR W.A. Mann, SC.

1430 deck court, LCDR F.R. Hoeppner, USN met to try the cases of: BRAGG, John G., S2, OPLINGER, Leroy C., S2, MONKS, Leonard J., S2 and MERANDO, Michael F., F2.

KARCHER, Charles I. CMM reported aboard with a large contingent of men, having been transferred from USS Wilkes-Barre CL-103.
09 Jul

Hoisted aboard A/C (Aircraft) 35412 (Pilot LTjg Hoffman), and A/C 35553 (Pilot Ens. H.L. Smith).  See SC-1 data
14 Jul

0849 Underway - refueled USS Brownson DD-868 and USS Fiske DD-842, 5231 gallons.

1507 General Quarters drill.

1614 LT. E.E. Sandoval hospitalized.

1758 Anchored  in 16 fathoms at Block Island.
15 Jul

0951 Underway.
1831 Anchored SE No Mans Land Island.
16 Jul

0701 Underway.
17 Jul

1209 20 mm and 40mm firing on plane tow.
1655 Moored to Buoy 20 Narragansett Bay, Newport, RI
18 Jul

1510 Underway for Boston.
2050 General Quarters drill.
19 Jul

0942 Moored portside to USS Providence CL-82, Berth 5, U.S. Naval Shipyard, Boston, MA.
22 Jul

0815 Breasted ship from alongside CL-82 to Pier 4. Rudder and screws touched mud,
shoulder in 20' of water.
1207 Underway singly for Guantanamo Bay, Cuba.
26 Jul

Anchored, Berth #2 Guantanamo Bay, Cuba in 6 fathoms.
27 Jul

Approximately 60 people reported aboard.
28 Jul

0722 Underway. General Quarters, A/C launch and recovery training.
29 Jul

Refueled at sea from USS Caloosahatchee AO-98.
30 Jul

Moored portside BB-3, Guantanamo Bay, Cuba.
31 Jul

0738 Underway.
01 Aug

1413 Firing 20 mm.
1614 Shore bombardment (Exercise 0-77) in area of FSU-1.
1810 Anchored Berth E, Guantanamo Bay.
04 Aug

0729 Underway. Simulated mustard gas attack and other drills.
07 Aug

Moored Berth 5, Guantanamo Bay, Cuba. At 1531 felt severe underwater vibration, believed caused by earthquake.  (See Note 1. below.)
08 Aug

Simulated bomb attack and tow by USS Macomb DMS 23.
1756 Anchored in Berth A Guantanamo Bay, ship drill, General Quarters red alert, reserve party to extinguish fire on USS Macomb DMS-23 (ex DD-458).
09 Aug

Anchored in Berth E, Guantanamo Bay. USS Missouri in port - first meeting after LITTLE ROCK hit Missouri with 5"  star shell.
11 Aug

0729 Underway. Steaming singly in operating areas 5, 6, and 7.
13 Aug

1706 Anchored Berth E Guantanamo Bay.
14 Aug

0728 Underway
15 Aug

1540 Moored starboard side BB-1, Guantanamo Bay, Cuba.
16 Aug

0835 Anchored Berth E, Guantanamo Bay, Cuba.
18 Aug

0730 Underway
1104 Lost steering control - shifted to emergency steering in hanger.
20 Aug

Anchored Berth E, Guantanamo Bay, Cuba
21 Aug

1403 Underway. Refueled USS Fitch DMS-25. Simulated transferring stretcher case with USS Fitch.

2003 Unidentified ship illuminated CL92. No answer to challenge. Wartime GQ, anti-submarine course.
22 Aug

1121 Bombardment of beach. Anchored at Berth E, Guantanamo Bay.
1834 Hoisted Admiral's barge and got underway.
24 Aug

0928 Moored portside to Seawall Caribbean Sea Frontier, San Juan, PR.
1837 Underway.
25 Aug

2012 Culebra Island cruiser bombardment - night shore bombardment with 5" guns. Steaming singly enroute Newport, RI
30 Aug

0823 Arrive Newport, RI.  Moor to buoy M15 Narragansett Bay
15 Sep

0859 Underway for Atlantic fleet exercises
16 Sep

17 Sep

Aviators LT E.E. Sandoval and LT B.F. Hoffman down at sea - located late at night.
(See SC-1 data.) (More info)
Man overboard from USS Glennon DD-840.
19 Sep

1144 Moored to buoy M15 Narragansett Bay.
24 Sep

Underway singly to Norfolk, VA
25 Sep

0716 Anchored to receive (harbor) pilot
0919 Underway for Berth 21, Hampton Roads.
0947 Anchored Berth Zebra, Hampton Roads, VA
26 Sep

1327 Moored portside Pier #5, Naval Operating Base, Norfolk, VA.
03 Oct

Large group of men from USS New Jersey and USS Albany reported aboard.
08 Oct

0833 Underway. Fog. Return to M19.
09 Oct

0810 Underway for Operations Areas 2 and 2A.
1607 Moored M19 Narragansett Bay, Newport.. Observed Aurora Borealis.
13 Oct

1221 YG25 moored to port quarter to receive garbage.
14 Oct

0850 Underway. 1850 Moored to Buoy 29, Narragansett Bay
15 Oct

0900 Underway. 1613 Moored M19. Steering casualty drill.
16 Oct

0832 Underway, Foggy. Short range battle practice
17 Oct

Moored to M19, Narragansett Bay. Foggy.
20 Oct

0831 Underway. Conducted gunfire exercises.
21 Oct

1752 Moored to M19, Narragansett Bay.
22 Oct

0804 Got Underway
23 Oct

0004 Moored to M19, Narragansett Bay.
1528 Underway singly for Boston to participate in "Navy Day" celebration on Monday, 27 Oct.
25 Oct

0004 Moored portside to Pier 7, Charlestown Navy Yard, Boston, MA. Sailed for Maine without all of the crew.
26 Oct

0004 Moored portside to State Pier, Portland, ME.
Fire parties, under command of LCDR S.D. Smith sent to Hollis Center and Kezar Falls, Maine to fight forest fires.
27 Oct

0930 Opened ship for general visiting.
29 Oct

1801 Got underway from Portland, ME for Boston, MA.
30 Oct

0813 Moored portside to Pier 7, Charlestown Navy Yard, Boston, MA. Enroute to Newport, RI
31 Oct

1049 Moored to M18, Narragansett Bay.
BM1 D.H. Butler died when crushed between ship and chain to buoy. (More)
1202 Cast off hook and rope on Buoy 18, and stood up to Berth 54.
1211 Anchored Narragansett Bay.
01 Nov

Anchored in 20 fathoms at Berth 54.
02 Nov

0009 Moored to Buoy 19.
03 Nov

Refueled. 338,551 gallons.
06 Nov

Took on 2700 gal. of fuel. USMC Capt. F. Caldwell had practice maneuvers with shore party.
10 Nov

1044 Underway in company with CruDiv10 for Gibraltar. In company with USS Providence CL82 and USS Portsmouth CL102.  Headed to Mediterranean.
11 Nov

USS Gearing DD-710 came alongside with mail. Steaming at 20-23 knots with Task Force 44.1
12 Nov

Steaming for Europe. USS Green DD-711 lost man overboard.
Drill general quarters, surface exercises.
Motor launch #3 broke its mooring.
17 Nov

0820 General Quarters.
1315 Tactical exercises - standard speed 15 knots.
USS Gearing DD710 assumed formation guide.
OTC RADM G.E. Dyer ComCruDiv 10.
18 Nov

Refueled USS Bailey DD713, USS Green DD711, and USS Steinaker DD863.
19 Nov

USS Providence CL82 assumed formation guide.
Received observers from USS Ware DD865.
1909 General Quarters condition ABLE.
20 Nov

Arrive Gibraltar Harbor.  1201 Gibraltar salting battery fired 21 gun salute in honor of marriage of Princess Elizabeth of Great Britain. Full dress ship in honor of Princess Elizabeth.

1240 moored to Berth 4 in 8 fathoms. Refueled from tanker Prestol.
USS Fresno CLAA121 stood in harbor.

In port with USS Willard Kerth DD775, Douglas Fox DD779, Zellers DD777, Manchester CL83, Dayton CL105, Dyess DD880, Midway CVB41, Providence CL82, Portsmouth CL102 and HMS Devonshire.

USS Dyess transported liberty party to Tangiers.
24 Nov

0947 Cast off all lines - got underway for Bone, Algeria.
Praylo released from solitary confinement.
26 Nov

1423 Anchored in 20 fathoms, Lazarette Bay, Bone, Algeria with USS Midway CVB41, Providence CL82, Portsmouth CL102. On one hour notice got underway.
29 Nov

0808 Underway for Naples, Italy
30 Nov

USS Gyatt DD-712, Midway CVB-41, Gearing DD-710, Bailey DD-713, and Green DD-711, left in formation.
03 Dec

0004 Anchored in Baia di Castellamoro off Naples break water.
1322 Pulled anchor, three tugs alongside. Moored stern to M010 SanVincenzo, Naples inner harbor.
04 Dec

Fire drill - all hands. Water barge came alongside.
05 Dec

Administered first aid to Italian civilian Don Pasquale (in bum boat). CL82 crew threw pipe overboard.
08 Dec

0845 Anchors aweigh for high speed radar tracking drills.
1850 Sighted Stromboli Volcano e/r to Marsaxlokk, Malta.
10 Dec

0004 Anchored in berth at Marsaxlokk, Malta, in 16 fathoms with CL82, CL102 and HMS Chieftain.
11 Dec

0759 Underway with CL82 for gunnery practice.
12 Dec

0004 Returned to berth in Malta.
0757 Got Underway for Naples, Italy.
13 (15?) Dec

1430 Moored stern to M0101 San Vincenzo, Naples.
Refueled USS Grand Canyon AD28, CL82, and CL102
16 Dec

Italian citizen Paliotti Gennaro of Naples had minor injury on breakwater when hit in the eye with a flying potato from the ship.

Took on 800,750 rounds of small arms ammo from the Italian government.

In harbor with USS Corduba AF32, CL82, CL102, DD713, HMS Georgic, USS Chipola AO63, USS Vogelsang DD866, DD710, DD712, CVB41, and five Italian destroyers.
19 Dec

0907 Underway for Piraeus, Greece. Steaming singly.
21 (22?) Dec

1050 Moored stern to Miaougle Quay Megas Harbor, Piraeus, Greece.  Other ships USS Gyatt DD712 and HMS Cardon Bay.
1430 USS Bailey DD713 moored.
23 Dec

RADM Antonopoulos, Royal Hellenic Navy paid visit. (Note 2.)
1505 British cruiser HMS Mauritius arrived and moored alongside CL92.
Transferred 27 tons of ammo to army.
25 Dec

Christmas in Piraeus, (Athens) Greece.
31 Dec

Pagoulatost granted special 72 hour leave.

   1947 Note 1:
An earthquake was in fact recorded at 00:40:20 hrs on  07 Aug 1947 centered at approximately 19.75N,  75.32W (in south-eastern Cuba, near Santiago de Cuba and Baconao). It had a magnitude between 6 and 7. A local newspaper indicated that there were three quakes, followed by a fourth several hours later. Perhaps this helps to explain the discrepancies in the Log entry time (1530 hr) and the time noted above.

   1947 Note 2: VADM  Pericles Antonopoulos was Chief of the Hellenic Navy General Staff from 20 Sept 1947 to 17 Nov 1951.


04 Jan

Greek sailors set up perimeter on pier to guard USS LITTLE ROCK.
"Truman Doctrine" shows USA support of Greek government against Communists.
Captain William D. Wright relieves Captain Francis J. Mee as CL-92 CO.
05 Jan

Departed Piraeus for Augusta, Sicily
06 Jan

Curtiss SC-1 Seahawk crashes and sinks. Pilot rescued.
08 Jan

Arrive Augusta, Sicily
12 Jan

Underway from Augusta, Sicily for operations
13 Jan

Drills and Exercises per P.O.D. Transfer mail to USS Providence.
Refueled at sea from AO-109.
Movie "Molly and Me".
Practice Seahawk recovery.
17 Jan

Arrive, Grand Harbor, Valletta, Malta with USS Providence.
20 Jan

Depart Valetta for Marsaxlokk, Malta
21 Jan

Arrive Marsaxlokk, Malta
23 Jan

Depart Marsaxlokk, Malta for Taranto, Italy
24 Jan

Arrived at Taranto, Italy
26 Jan

SC-1 aircraft lost. Pilot, Ens. Logan was rescued by LITTLE ROCK's boat crew.  (Pictures)
29 Jan

Depart Taranto, Italy for Venezia (Venice) Italy.
31 Jan

Arrive Venice, Italy
09 Feb

Departed Venice for Trieste, Italy. Arrived Trieste same day.
16 Feb

Departed Trieste for Bizerte, Tunisia
19 Feb

Arrived Bizerte, Tunisia
24 Feb

Depart Bizerte, Tunisia for Tangier, Morocco
27 Feb

Arrived Tangier, Morocco
01 Mar

Departed Tangier, Morocco for Gibraltar
02 Mar

Arrived Gibraltar  
02 Mar (?)

Depart Gibraltar for Newport, RI
?? Mar

Atlantic storm
?? Mar

Highline personnel to / from USS Providence CL-82.
11 Mar

Arrive Newport, RI

Marblehead, Massachusetts

Transit Cape Cod Canal, Massachusetts
Week of 11 Apr

At sea. Transferred by hi-line personnel to and from USS Portsmouth CL-102.  Click for Photos.
17-18 Apr

Port-au-Prince, Haiti
15-16 May

At San Juan, Puerto Rico in company with USS Portsmouth CL-102 and USS Providence CL-82. Click HERE to see photo.
24 May

Captain Henry G. Moran relieves Captain William D. Wright as CO of CL-92.
01 Jul

Moored Newport, RI
05 Jul

Underway with USS Providence CL82 and USS Portsmouth  CL102.
1438 Took departure for Quebec, Canada.
09 Jul

Moored to Wolf Cove Dock, Quebec, Canada
12 Jul

0947 Got underway from Quebec to Newport. RI.
1415 Exercised crew at general drills.
16 Jul

1806 Arrived in RI - secure steering and main engines
21 Jul

0740 Got underway for Newport Operating Area and return.
30 Jul

Got underway for Norfolk, VA.
31 Jul

1349 Moored at Norfolk, VA
02 Aug

1056 Got underway for St. Thomas, VI. Sailing with USS Providence CL82 and USS Portsmouth CL102.
03 Aug

Conducting various drills - man overboard, ship handling exercises, etc.
2015 darkened ship and commenced searchlight illumination exercise.
06 Aug

1611 Moored at St. Thomas, Virgin Islands
09 Aug

0811 Underway from St. Thomas to Norfolk, VA.
14 Aug

0631 Moored at Norfolk, VA
1814 Underway for Newport, RI
15 Aug

0803 Entered Newport, RI
17 Aug

0844 Got underway for Operating Area.
1210 Commenced maneuvering on various courses and speeds
1305 Launched aircraft and recovered.
1616 Moored at Narragansett Bay, RI.
21 Aug

0900 RAdm George C. Dyer came aboard on an official visit to present Efficiency Award in gunnery to USS LITTLE ROCK for years 1947-1948.
23 Aug

RADM Dyer and staff, and Capt. A.L. Maher of USS Portsmouth CL102 conducted a surprise administrative inspection of vessel. Inspection party received full honors.
26 Aug

12 men transferred to USS Missouri, 2 men transferred to USS Rochester,
4 men transferred to USS Mississippi, 3 men transferred to USS Manchester, and several more to other ships.
27 Aug

0930 Sentence of R.F.Jones for (1) threw chair over side, (2) wearing of civilian clothes aboard ship, (3) disobedience of orders. Sentence: Solitary confinement on bread and water for 30 days with full ration every third day, lose $30 per month of pay for four months.
30 Aug

Got underway in accordance with dispatch from USS Providence  -  ships in formation include various units of US Atlantic Fleet. Enroute from Newport to sea to avoid hurricane. (See Note 1. below.) (Damage Report)
01 Sep

0320  Lost #3 motor whale boat over port side. Unable to estimate storm damage due to weather conditions.
02 Sep

Steaming singly enroute to New York.
1554  Moored in NY Naval Shipyard, Brooklyn. Naval shipyard reps investigated storm damage to ship and listed required repairs, 42 in number.
08 Sep

Company A, (approx. 210 Marines) First Battalion, Fourth Marines Regiment left Camp LeJeune, NC by military plane, arrived at Quonset Point Naval Air Station, RI on the same day. (See Note 2. below)
09 Sep

0706  Underway from NYSY to Newport, RI.
1603  Moored in Narragansett Bay, Newport, RI
Marines (see 08 Sep) travel by Navy landing craft from NAS Quonset Point and board LITTLE ROCK. (See Note 2. below)
13 Sep

0928  Depart Newport, RI for Gibraltar operating as a unit - USS Providence CL82, USS Roosevelt CVB42, USS Columbus CA74, USS Garnard, USS Compton, USS Dickson, USS Hyman, USS Beatty, and USS Bristol.
23 Sep

0412  Changed course to avoid unidentified merchant ship.
0625  Prepared to refuel USS Hugh Purvis DD-709 and while fueling was hit by the Purvis on the starboard side incurring some damage. (See note below.)

1145 Arrived Gibraltar and moored at Gibraltar harbor.
27 Sep

0740 Underway - maneuvering on various courses at various speeds during drills. Enroute to Augusta Bay, Sicily.
28-30 Sep

LITTLE ROCK moored at Gibraltar
01 Oct

0550 Sighted Filfla Island.
0737 Exercised crew at General Quarters
0742 Commenced maneuvering on various course to conform to shore bombardment exercises.
1710 Entered Augusta Bay, Sicily
04 Oct

0739 Assembled crew at quarters for leaving port.
0747 Underway in column formation enroute to Operation Area, Malta Island.
Anchored on Hurd Banks, Malta.
05 Oct

0624 Got underway on various drills.
1353 Commenced maneuvering on various courses and speeds for anti-aircraft firing.
1748 Anchored in Marsaxlokk Bay, Malta.
06 Oct

Underway to Malta Operating Area.
07 Oct

Anchored in Marsaxlokk Bay, Malta.
0812 Underway enroute Operating Area and commenced maneuvering.
08 Oct

Underway from Malta to Kavala, Greece.
1208 Proceeding independently to Rhodes Island, Greece.
09 Oct

1051  Anchored off Rhodes Island, Greece.
1752  Governor of Dodecanese Islands was received on board and paid an official visit to Capt. Moran.

2340  Got underway from Rhodes Island to Kavala, Greece. (See Note 3. below.)
11 Oct

0701 Underway enroute Kavala, Greece to Alexandroupolis, Greece
Anchored off Kavala, Greece.
2001 Man reported overboard, but after investigation, no one admitted anything - no absentees.
12 Oct

1251 Underway enroute to Phaleron Bay from Alexandroupolis
14 Oct

Anchored in Phaleron Bay, Greece
15 Oct

0546 Underway from Phaleron Bay to Operations Area for maneuvering and drills.
17 Oct

U.S. Sixth Task Fleet (VADM Forrest P. Sherman) anchored in Phaleron Bay off Piraeus, Greece.  Ships include USS LITTLE ROCK (CL-92); USS Franklin D. Roosevelt (CVB-42); USS Providence (CL-82) and USS Albany (CA-123). (Photo)
20 Oct

1104 Anchored Phaleron Bay with USS Franklin D. Roosevelt (CVB-42); USS Providence (CL-82) and USS Albany (CA-123)
23 Oct

1932 Underway with 6th Fleet for Sfax, North Africa
24 Oct

0840 Anchored Sfax, Tunisia
27 Oct

Enroute to Suda Bay, Crete
03 Nov

0615 Sighted mainland of Crete.
1304 Anchored Suda Bay, Crete
04 Nov

0755 Enroute from Suda Bay, Crete to Salonika, Greece
06 Nov

1015 Anchored Salonika Harbor, Greece
07 Nov

0649 Depart Salonika for Volos, Greece.
10 Nov

1718 Anchored Volos, Greece
Enroute from Volos to Phaleron Bay, Greece
12 Nov

0907 Anchored Phaleron Bay, Greece
13 Nov

0800 Enroute from Phaleron Bay to Corfu, Greece
16 Nov

1247 Anchored Corfu, Greece
17 Nov

0017 Underway from Corfu to Trieste, Italy
19 Nov

1026 Moored Bersaglieri, Trieste, Italy
20 Nov

0858 Underway from Trieste to Venice, Italy
26 Nov

1510 Moored at Riva dei Sette Martiri, Venice, Italy
30 Nov

0830 Underway from Venice to Trieste, Italy
10 Dec

1353 Moored at Trieste, Italy.
12 Dec

Underway from Trieste to Augusta, Sicily
13 Dec

Moored at Augusta, Sicily
16 Dec

0741 Malta Operating Area
17 Dec

Underway from Augusta, Sicily to Marseilles, France.
0900 Fired 21 gun salute to France
0955 Moored in Marseilles, France
25 Dec

Christmas in Marseilles, France (See Dinner Menu)

1948 Note 1:
Hurricanes were un-named at this time.
1948 Note 2: Information provided by Kenneth W. Seymour, Col. US Army (Ret.)
1948 Note 3: Col. Kenneth W. Seymour recalls "I thought that it was odd that we arrived at Rhodes one day and left early the next day, it did not take long before I found out why. Shortly after we departed from Rhodes, our 3rd. platoon (approx.  40 men) received orders to pack their 782 gears, weapons, and sea bags because they were going on "special, detached, dangerous duty." The destroyer USS McKenzie came along the side and the 3rd platoon boarded her for an overnight trip to Haifa, Israel. ( Our 3rd platoon stayed in Jerusalem until January 1949. They left all of their 782 gear and weapons at the Consulate and returned to the United States via the Destroyer USS Generate, from Haifa to Cypress, a navy plane to Malta and then to a Naval Base in Casablanca. They waited there for a week for passage back to the USA. They arrived at Norfolk Naval Shipyard and stayed at the Marine Barracks for the night. Then left by bus for Camp LeJeune, NC. The 3rd Platoon arrived back at Camp LeJeune around 1st part of February 1949. The 3rd platoon leader was 1st Lieutenant Robert R. Homer, Jr. USMC.


01 Jan

Moored starboard side to, Mole "G", Marseilles, France
02 Jan

Heavy weather in harbor damaged ship - temporary repairs made
03 Jan

Underway for Oran, Algeria
04 Jan

Joined units of 6th task Fleet, USS Albany CA-123, USS Franklin D. Roosevelt CVB-42 and USS Providence CL 82 for maneuvers.

USS Albany CA 123 detached and ordered to proceed to Algiers
05 Jan

0600  Sighted Cape L'Aiguilla
07 Jan

0930  Commenced maneuvering at various speeds to conform to harbor entrance at Oran.
????   Moored at Oran, Algeria.

????   Commenced preparations for getting underway from Oran to Gibraltar.
11 Jan

0730 Departed Oran with USS Roosevelt in formation, joined USS Albany and USS Providence.
12 Jan

0800 Arrived Gibraltar
13 Jan

Court Martial of R.F. Jones SA - reduced to Seaman Recruit, confined for 9 months - to be discharged with bad conduct.
14 Jan

0930 Departed Gibraltar for Newport, RI.
17 Jan

A plane launched from USS Roosevelt was seen exploding in mid air and crashed in sea.
23 Jan

0759 Arrived and moored at Narragansett Bay, Newport, RI
04 Feb

Took departure from Newport to Leonardo, NJ.
05 Feb

1100 Arrived Naval Ammunition Depot, Earle, NJ to offload ammo
08 Feb

1458 Underway from Leonardo, NJ for New York Naval Shipyard, Brooklyn, NY for pre-inactivation overhaul.

1605 Entered New York Harbor.
25 Apr

1032 Entered drydock at New York NSY, Brooklyn, NY.
1430 Inspection completed of underwater body subsequent to dry-docking.
13 May

1300 Capt. Henry G. Moran detached from duty as Commanding Officer.
Cdr. Richard Craighill assumed duties as Commanding Officer.
30 May

CL 92 Ship's Post Office closes down.
24 Jun

1025 Ship's company assembled for decommissioning ceremony.

1030 Commanding Officer Cdr. Craighill reads orders to deactivate the USS LITTLE ROCK CL-92.

LITTLE ROCK is towed to U.S. Naval Shipyard annex in Bayonne, NJ to await transfer to the Atlantic Fleet Reserve.

LITTLE ROCK has thus far visited 64 ports and 29 foreign countries.


1950 - 1956

USS LITTLE ROCK CL 92 out of commission.  Resting at Atlantic Reserve Fleet, NY.

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Received from Jim Melvin ETN2 (USS Pervis / USS Fiske):  "I also did some reserve duty time on the USS Hugh Purvis DD-709. (Regarding)...23 Sep '48 - It seems the Purvis not only steamed with the LITTLE ROCK, well before my time, but rammed her during a refueling.  A bit more up close and personal than most would prefer.  Makes an old ET glad he never had any responsibilities during "special sea and anchor details."  Thanks again,  Jim

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