Instructions for using

to pay your

USS Little Rock Association
Annual Dues

or to make
A Donation....

Using PayPal to pay your Annual Dues or to make a Donation to the Association is both quick and easy!
The transaction is private, very secure and fast, and eliminates the hassle of sending payments through the USPS.

Page last updated: 26 December, 2016

To make a payment or donation you will need to have your credit card handy. Then...

Access the PayPal website by clicking HERE.
Then, if you already have a PayPal account...  login.
Otherwise, click "Transfer", then,
Select "Send Someone Money from the pulldown menu.
• In the "From" box enter your email address
• In the "To" box enter:
• In the "Amount" box enter the amount you wish to send
• Then click the "Continue" button.
In the next window either:
   A.  Enter your PayPal login information, or...
   B.  Click "Sign Up" if you are new to PayPal
You will be able to include an email before sending your money. Here are some examples::
   "Use this to pay my dues" or....
   "A donation for the Scholarship Fund....",  etc.
Click "My Payment is for":  "Buying Something",
Then click the "Send Money" button.
You're done! (And you've saved a stamp!)

PS: Once you've established your PayPal account the process is even easier!

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