Photos from the latest (2016) Annual Reunion

Page last updated: 25 September, 2016

Crown Plaza Warwick, RI

Crowne Plaza Hotel
Warwick - Providence, RI

Get Ready

Relaxing before the activities begin

Family Time

Some guys get all the pretty ladies!

Sea Dogs

These guys are ready to conduct business!

Board Meeting

Let the business begin

Road Trip

There were tours, and more tours.

Newport, the Newport Naval Base,
Fall River, side trips to Providence,
Cape Cod, and beaches galore.
We traveled by the bus load.

New Digs

Elegant mansions of Newport, RI

New Digs 2

Seriously elegant!

CLG 4?

Don checks out some of the
Naval War College Museum's
fabulous ship models

Trick Tray Item

A "tricky" Tricky Tray item.

General Meeting

The Association's General Meeting


We Pledge Allegiance....


Tickets anyone? Anyone?

Tricky Tray Item

And another "tricky" Tricky Tray item.

New Hat ?

A new hat perhaps?

Memorial Service

Memorial Service on the USS Massachusetts
in Fall River, MA

Memorial Service

A somber moment while reading the list of
our recently departed shipmates.


A rifle volley to mark the passing
of our shipmates.

Lite Lunch

A fine lunch served on board the
USS Massachusetts

Lovin It

Snuggling up during one of the rare breaks
in our busy agenda

The LONG Rifle

Another happy owner of a
Jerry Tylla long rifle

President's Awaed

Steve is the recipient of the President's Award.
It is certainly well deserved.

Twenty Five Years!

Nick Perillo was a recipient of one of the
25 Year Awards for reunion attendance


Oneil Vanderhorst wins the 50/50 drawing!

Tilley Clan

The Tilley Clan

Last Dance

Still "Grooving" !!

The Finale

Good Night Mr. & Mrs. President

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