Page last updated: 07 June  2017

has been cancelled...


For the first time in 26 years, the USS Little Rock Association has found it necessary to cancel our annual reunion.

As you know, this year's reunion was initially scheduled to coincide with the anticipated commissioning of the new LITTLE ROCK LCS9 in Buffalo at the end of September.  However, it now appears that the LCS9 commissioning will occur no sooner than "mid-to-late November".

We understand that few members will want to make two trips to Buffalo within two
months of each other.  Anticipating that many members will wish to attend the commissioning event, we are instructing the hotel to cancel all rooms held for the previously scheduled September reunion dates.

Once the commissioning date is firmly established we will advise all Association members.  We expect to hold some Association events, where possible, concurrent with the LCS 9 commissioning.

If you have made a reservation with the Adams Mark Hotel (or
elsewhere) you might wish to contact them to confirm the cancellation.

If you have already requested an invitation to the LCS 9 commissioning, you will remain on the list and no further action is necessary. Invitations will be sent when a firm date is announced.

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