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Page last updated: 17 Mar 2016

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USS Little Rock and her place
in History
The Crew and
of the
USS Little Rock

Crew Rosters
Navy Things...

USS Little Rock

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U.S.S. LITTLE ROCK and her place in HISTORY
A Brief History of the
USS Little Rock
Ship's Day-by-Day
Chronological History 

Participation In Historical Events

Cleveland-Class Cruisers
Builder's Data and Ship Specifications
Other Ship's with Hull Number 4 Official and Unofficial
Documents & Papers
Crew Rosters
Other Ship's with Hull Number 92
Photos of CL-92
Official U.S. Navy
Cleveland and Galveston
Class Cruisers
USS Little Rock and Springfield
Make History

Photos of CLG-4 / CG-4
Official U.S.Navy
Official Communications
Armament and Weapons Systems
U.S. Sixth Fleet History

Accidents and Collisions

"Mystery Photos"
U.S. Sixth Fleet Commanders
"How the Little Rock came to
be in Buffalo, NY"

Little known facts about the
Little Rock and her crew
Sixth Fleet Band and Singers
(A work in process!)
Scholarship Program Awards

Old News Articles and the like...

USS Little Rock CL 92
Measure 22 Camouflage

Other Ships We've Met at Sea

Modeling Information

Letters and Comments

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The Crew & Officers of the U.S.S. LITTLE ROCK
Commanding Officers of CL-92
Commanding Officers of CLG-4 / CG-4
Famous Crew and Famous Visitors
Oral Histories
Narratives & Tall Tales
USS Little Rock Association
Membership Roll

Awards, Citations, and

Homeward-Bound Pennant Sailors
Ladies Auxiliary
People, Departments & Systems
Things We Bought and Collected
Our Favorite Places...
Ports - Restaurants - Liberty Spots

Getting the President (F.D.R.)
to Yalta!
Crew Photo & Video Albums
Ports and Places We've Been
Honor Roll of Shipmates
USN Enlisted Ratings
1940's                   1960-70's
Annual Shipboard Workparty

Joshua Barney School - Gaeta

USS Little Rock Association
Membership Application
USS Little Rock Sports Teams
(Coming Soom!)

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Crew Rosters

CL92 Ship's Roster

CLG4 / CG4 Ship's Roster USS Little Rock Marines
CL 92 Plankowners
(Coming Soon)

CLG-4 Plankowners

Commanding Officers...
CL-92             CLG4 / CG4

Deceased Shipmates

Recent Death Notices
and Obituaries

Honor Roll of Those
Killed In The Line Of Duty

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Miscellaneous "Navy" Things....
"Favorite" Navy Recipes
Holiday Dinner Menus
Songs, Hymns, Poems etc.
Call Signs & Signal Flags
Some other great NAVY Links
Navy Speeches and Quotations
Dressing Ship
Navy Humor
Things We Remember

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The U.S.S. Little Rock NOW
How Buffalo, NY Acquired
the U.S.S. Little Rock

Buffalo and Erie County
Naval & Military Park

The Little Rock Today
(Coming Soon)

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