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Page last updated: 18 June, 2017

We are frequently asked "How can I help the U.S.S. Little Rock Association?"  This question, or similar questions come from U.S.S. Little Rock Association members and non-members alike.

First of all, for those of you who are actively involved already we say "Thank You!" For those who are genuinely interested in helping us support the many facets of our Association, here are a few ideas:

Contribute !!!

As you know, members of the USS Little Rock Association have historically been very involved financially in supporting programs that under gird our Association, the ship, and the men and women of the U.S. Navy and U.S. Marine Corps. Here are the areas were we need financial support on an ongoing basis:

1.    Scholarship Fund:   This fund regularly provides financial support to midshipmen, Navy and Marine Corps officer candidates who are attached to NROTC units, and to qualified civilian applicants who are the direct descendants of USS Little Rock Association members. Since the inception of this great program, we have given at least two awards annually. In some of those years were able to afford to give three awards! In order to continue our pace, we rely on your contributions for which appropriate recognition will be given.

2.    Museum Fund: This worthwhile program has allowed us to embarq on the construction of a USS Little Rock Crew Members Museum that will serve to tell the story of the Sailors and Marines who served on the USS Little Rock CL92 / CLG4 / CG4.  This  space will provide a way to  display the memorabilia, artifacts and documents that were such an important part of the crew's time on board.

3.    Ship Restoration Fund: The Ship Restoration Fund is financial support that the Association donates directly to the Buffalo and Erie County Naval & Military Park, the home of the  U.S.S. Little Rock.

4.    Web Site Support: The USS Little Rock Assoiation's "Website" and "Message Board" are not cost-free. There are recurring costs associated with server storage and access, as well as costs incurred to obtain copyrights, purchase photos and articles, etc. Funds to defray these costs come from the Operating Budget.
5.    Operational Expenses: The funds required to pay the costs of running "the Association" come from the Operatng Budget which is funded from membership dues. These costs include office materials, phone and fax expenses, copies, postage, printing of LitComs, etc. etc.


Volunteer !!

1.   Shipboard Workparties:   We currently run two Shipboard Workparties each year. Our "Spring Workparty" is held in May, and our "Fall Workparty" is held in October. These two events provide a very tangible and much appreciated way for able bodied individuals to contribute their labor towards the maintenance and upkeep of the USS Little Rock, which as you most likely know is now residing gracefully in Buffalo. The annual Spring Workparty is usually held in May of each year.  Occasional Fall Workparties will most likely be in October. If you are interested, here's a link to the Workparty web page. Or you can contact the Webmaster.

2.   Reunion Help: Our annual reunion requires a tremendous amount of work that stretches the Reunion Committee guys pretty thin. If you live close to one of our upcoming reunion sites (see home page for schedules) and would like to help out, let us know. Contact the Webmaster.

3.   Ship's Store: We are interested in getting someone to take over the Ship's Store. If you think you have skills in ordering supplies, maintaining a modest  inventory, and periodically shipping Ship's Store goods to our members and associates, please let us know.

4.   Research: If you love to surf the internet, chase after details and do research, we would love to have you contribute the fruits of your efforts to helping us develop a detailed history of the USS Little Rock.

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