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USS Little Rock LCS 9 Stops at Little Creek, VA

08 Apr 2018

After departing Montreal, Quebec on the morning of 31 March , LITTLE ROCK made a two-day stop in Halifax, Nova Scotia before heading south.

According to unofficial sources she arrived at Joint Expeditionary Forces Base, Little Creek, Virginia on 08 April, and will most likely resume her voyage to Mayport in a day or so.

USS Little Rock LCS 9 departs Montreal 31 March 2018

News sources today announced that USS Little Rock LCS 9 which had been "trapped by ice in Montreal, Canada" has now departed "The City of Saints" for the warmer climes of Mayport, Florida.

According to The Canadian Press, U.S. Navy spokesperson LCDR Courtney Hillson, "(has) confirmed the ship finally left the city early on Saturday after spending more than three months in Montreal."

In addition the source said "It (LCS 9) is expected to arrive in Florida early next month after making several port visits along the way." And also that "...the Navy thanked the city for the hospitality it showed the stranded crew."

USS Little Rock's commanding officer CDR Todd Peters said to the press "We greatly appreciate the support and hospitality of the city of Montreal, the Montreal Port Authority and the Canadian Coast Guard. We are grateful for the opportunity to further enhance our strong partnerships."

LITTLE ROCK, according to other sources.... "Is expected to arrive in Florida early next month after making several port visits along the way."

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