Founded June 28, 1991

U.S.S. Little Rock Association
Officers, Directors, Special Assignments & Committee Members

Page last updated: 13 March, 2018

Association Officers

William C. Stankiewicz - President
204 Johnson St.
Hogansville, GA 30230-1124
Frank E. Berglas - First Vice President
63 Barnes Road
Stamford, CT 06902-1201
Frank E. Berglas - Secretary / Treasurer
63 Barnes Road
Stamford, CT 06902-1201
John C. Meyers - Vice President - Publications
Donald H. Elliott - Vice President - Scholarships
Open Position - Vice President - Ship's Store
Arthur E. Tilley Jr. - Vice President - Website Coordinator
Raymond E. Cutter - Vice President - Reunions

Association Directors

Class of 2018 Class of 2019 Class of 2020
- Frank E. Berglas Stephan C. Chase
Ed Caggiano, Jr. Gerard A. Dupuis Gustav E. Karlsen
Donald H. Elliott Raymond E. Cutter Daniel G. Musmanno
Edward W. Flick George R. Thomas Donald W. Schuld
Gary D. Mickle Arthur E. Tilley Jr. -
John A. Whidden Clifford B. Wilson William C. Stankiewicz

Special Assignments

Woods C. Donaldson - Website / Membership Coordinator
Gerard A. Dupuis - Association Counsel
Frank J. Lapore - Master-at-Arms
Paul E. Zimmerman - Chaplain


Audit Committee

William C. Stankiewicz - Chairman
Gerard A. Dupuis
Daniel C. Musmanno
Financial Solicitation Committee

Frank E. Berglas - Chairman
Gerard A. Dupuis
History Committee

Rickey D. Jamieson - Chairman
  Arthur E. Tilley, Jr. - Historian
Membership Committee

Edward W. Flick - Chairman
Clifford B. Wilson
Raymond E. Cutter
(Woods C. Donaldson)
Museum Committee

Gerard A. Dupuis - Chairman
John R. Roberts
Arthur E. Tilley, Jr.
Newsletter Committee

Frank E. Berglas - Chairman
Nominating Committee

Gerard A. Dupuis - Chairman
Frank E. Berglas
Stephan C. Chase
President's Award Committee

Gustav E. Karlsen - Chairman
    Frank E. Berglas
Donald W. Schuld
Arthur E. Tilley, Jr.
Reunion Committee

Raymond E. Cutter - Chairman
Gerard A. Dupuis
(John R. Roberts)
William C. Stankiewicz
George R. Thomas
Edward W. Flick
Scholarship Committee

Donald H. Elliott - Chairman
Gerard A. Dupuis
(Rickey D. Jamieson)
Gustav E. Karlsen
(Don Kempkes)
Gary D. Mickle
Ship's Store Committee

Position is open.
Website Committee

Arthur E. Tilley, Jr. - Chairman
Daniel G. Musmanno

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Note: 1.  Committee Members listed above are Board Members, appointed by the President of the Association.  

Note: 2.  Names shown in brackets, i.e. (   ) are non-Board members who have volunteered to serve on a Committee and have been approved to do so by the President.

USS Little Rock Asasociation

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