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THE ASSOCIATION: The USS LITTLE ROCK Association is a not-for-profit organization with an IRC 501 (C19) tax exempt status, incorporated in New York State.  Its membership is comprised primarily of Navy and Marine Corps veterans of service in USS LITTLE ROCK (CL 92) from 1945 to 1949, or the ship's modernized configuration USS LITTLE ROCK (CLG 4) from 1960 to 1976; and those currently serving in the pre-commissioning crew of USS LITTLE ROCK (LCS 9).

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The USS LITTLE ROCK Association Scholarship Program was initiated in 2001.

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Following is the scholarship announcement that is sent each spring to all NROTC units
by the program office at the Naval Services Training Command (NSTC) headquarters.


THE PROGRAM:  The USS LITTLE ROCK Association will provide financial assistance, on an annual basis, to one or more deserving students enrolled in one of the NROTC Programs who are selected from a competitive group of applicants meeting the eligibility requirements, as set forth below.  Specifically, grants of $1000 will be made to selected recipients entering their third academic year in any of the several NROTC programs executed by NSTC OD (NROTC Scholarship Program, NROTC College Program, MECEP, or STA-21.)  A follow-on grant of $1000 will be made to each previous award recipient who has satisfactorily completed the third year and is advancing into the fourth academic year within his/her NROTC program, subject to approval and certification by the NROTC unit Commanding Officer. While multiple awards have been made under this program in each of its previous 16 years of existence, the number of annual awards will be based on the Association's evaluation of candidate merit and the financial resources available to support the program.

ELIGIBILITY:  NROTC students, as noted above, who are direct descendants of active, retired, or honorably discharged members of one of the sea services (U.S. Navy, U.S. Marine Corps, U.S. Coast Guard, or their Reserve components); or who themselves are serving or have served in any of the Regular or Reserve sea services (i.e., prior enlisted service); or who are USS LITTLE ROCK Association "Junior Associates' who have been members in good standing for at least two years, are eligible for further consideration on the basis of individual merit.  Candidates, otherwise eligible, must have demonstrated superior leadership qualities and aptitude for service, and shall have achieved a cumulative grade point average (cum GPA) of at least 3.0, in all accredited course work.

APPLICATION:  Interested, qualified candidates may apply during their second academic year in letter format addressing each of the eligibility criteria and first endorsed by the Professor of Naval Science.  The letter shall contain text of approximately 500 words describing why the candidate considers him/herself worthy of the award.  A copy of the student's academic transcript or similar official record shall accompany the application.  Applications/nominations must be received by mail addressed to: Scholarship Committee, c/o 18426 Mount Lock Hill Rd, Sharpsburg, MD 21782-2029 not later than 31 May 2017.  Application packages will be reviewed and awardees selected by the Association's Scholarship Committee NLT 15 August 2017.

AWARD:  Award recipients will be notified by the USS LITTLE ROCK Association by letter via the unit Commanding Officer as soon as practicable once selections are finalized, and awards will be made as early as possible in the recipient's third academic year.  Each first-award will be in the form of a $1000 check made out to the individual and a framed certificate.  When feasible, presentation will be made by a representative of the Association. Otherwise, the check and certificate will be sent via the Commanding Officer of the NROTC unit for appropriate presentation.  The second-year award will similarly be a $1000 check made out to the individual and sent via the unit Commanding Officer.

USS LITTLE ROCK Association POC:         LCDR Robert M. Baker, U.S. Navy (Retired),
                                                                            (301) 799-9089.

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