"The Sixth Fleet Music Show"

The U.S. Navy's Sixth Fleet Band,

the "Singers", the "Dancers",  and the

The Helpers

Page last updated:  1 December, 2021

The Helpers

The Sixth Fleet Band Stage Crew makes it all happen...

The "Sixth Fleet Music Show" would not have gotten off the ground (literally and figuratively) with-
out the support of the "Helpers". These were the folks that made it happen. They provided the hands-on
help that turned on the stage lights, tweaked the sound system, coordinated the trips and helped carry the bags.

Were you a "Helper"?  Or did you know one?  Tell us what really went on behind the scenes.

Click on these links to see who the "Helpers" were, and to read their Memories

"The Helpers"

The Memories

The "Helpers"

Names (by last name)
Years Served
Job Description
John Meyers ETN2
Console Operator

The Sixth Fleet "Music Show"