"The Sixth Fleet Music Show"

The U.S. Navy's Sixth Fleet Band,

the "Singers",  the "Dancers",  and the “Helpers”

The Places & Music They Played,
& The Small Groups

Page last updated:  24 September, 2016

The Singers in Munich

The Sixth Fleet Band and Singers at the 1972 Olympics in Munich Germany

The Places the Band Performed...

The U.S. Navy's Sixth Fleet Band and Singers were in demand.
Here's an alphabetical list of some of the "gigs" the did over the years...

97th General Hospital, Frankfurt, Ger.
Abrantes, Portugal

Athens, Greece
Barcelona, Spain
Bizerta, Tunisia
Brunssum, The Netherlands
Brussels, Belgium
Casablanca, Morocco
Casertavecchia, Italy
Dubrovnik, Yugoslavia
Formia, Italy
Frankfort, Germany
Heidelberg American H.S., Heidelberg, Ger.
Izmir, Turkey
Kaiserslautern American H.S., Kaiserslautern, Ger.
Latina, Italy
Leige, Belgium
Leiria, Portugal
London, England
Lluchmayor, Mallorca, Spain
Manacor, Mallorca, Spain
Masstricht, The Netherlands
Mastrurien, Belgium
Munich, Germany
Naples A.F.Base, Naples, Italy
Nice, France
Palermo, Sicily
Palma, Mallorca, Spain
Rota, Spain
Santarem, Portugal
Stuttgart, Germany
Tarragona, Spain
Toulon, France
Tunis, Tunisia
Various Service Clubs
Villefranche-sur-Mer, France
Zaragosa Air Base, Spain (ZAB)

Their Music...

Probably the single most important  element in the phenomenal success of the U.S. Navy's Sixth Fleet Band and Singers
was their vast repertoire. They had
music for everyone!  Below is a list of some of the music that made this group such a
 big hit no matter who their audience happened to be, or where the
U.S. Navy's Sixth Band & Singers were performing.

America the Beautiful
"Man of La Mancha"
Sugar Blues
When the Saints Go Marching In
Anchors Aweigh
Yankee Doodle
Ole Man River
The Battle Hymn of the Republic
Yankee Rhythm
Black is the Color of My True Love's Hair
Star Spangled Banner
Maple Leaf Rag
Star Spangled Spectacular
The Charleton
Basie Straight Ahead
Glenn Miller Medley
I'm Gonna Wash That Man Right Out of My Hair
Listen to the Music
Eli's Comin'
The Voice of Freedon
Reach Out and Touch
Tijuana Brass

The Names of the Band, the Small Groups and Ensembles...

Over the years the Band and Singers were known by several different names. It's not clear if the
slight differences in their name were intentional changes or not. Variations are shown below.

Further, not every show was a full-blown "all hands" production. On more than a few occasions the Band and Singers performed in smaller groups. Below are listed some of the groups that  performed as an adjunct to the larger group.

•  •  •   Various names for the larger Band and Singers group   •  •  •

"The Sixth Fleet Music Show"
"The US Sixth Fleet Band and Singers"
"The Sixth Fleet Band Show and Chorus"

•  •  •   Various names for the Smaller Groups   •  •  •

"The Sixth Fleet Singers"
"The Sixth Fleet Mini-Singers"
"The Diplomats"

•  •  •   Make-up of Smaller Groups   •  •  •

Full Military Band
21-piece Stage Band
Concert Band
Big Band
Jazz Band
Roaring 20's
Rock Band
Dixieland Band
Barber Shop Quartet

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