"The Sixth Fleet Music Show"

The U.S. Navy's Sixth Fleet Band,

the "Singers", the "Dancers",  and the “Helpers

The Singers and Dancers

Page last updated:  1 December, 2021

Three Dancers

The Sixth Fleet Band with the Singers and Dancers

The Singers and Dancers who performed with the "Sixth Fleet Music Show" were all volunteers.

They were members of the USS Little Rock's crew as well as spouses, children and friends.

As the picture above attests, they added extra pizzazz to the inherently exciting performances of the

fabulous Sixth Fleet Band. Were you a Singer or Dancer? If so let us hear from you.

Use the links below to go to the pictures, stories of the Performers and their memories of the "Sixth Fleet Music Show"

The Singers & Dancers

Names (by last name) Year(s) Served
Sue Blankenfelt
Jan Clark
Patricia Connors
Linda Crossley (1)
Jackie Deffenbaugh
Melissa Denis (*)
Maryse Denker
Kim Fair
John Feld (*)
Kathryn Glick
Linda Gorell
Janet Hayes
Stacey Hope (*)
Dan Jones
Mary Jones
Scott Key (*)
Bob McCarron
Norma Marchant
Jon Mattison Director of 6th Flt. Singers 70-74
Laura Mayo
Bob McCarron
Joy McCarron
Sue Munn 75-76
Diana Peterson
Janet Prince
Dolores Roberts
Brenda Schey (1)
Stella Seatris (*)
Phyllis Simon
Tracy Sims (*)
Mary Lou Spoto 73-76
Rosa Wehrly
Gloria Wellwood
Beth Wilson (*)
Tim Von Duyke
Terri Walker
Jean Woods
Maureen Zeiner (*)

(*) One of the "Mini-Singers / Mini-Flappers"
(1) Choreographer

The Sixth Fleet "Music Show"