USS Little Rock CL 92 / CLG 4 / CG 4

Page last updated: 8 February, 2022

As CL 92

USS Little Rock CL 92 was, in its original CL 92 configuration, a Cleveland Class Cruiser.
The armament of all Cleveland Class Cruisers, as designed, was:

As CLG 4 and later CG 4

In 1957, conversion began on USS Little Rock CL 92 to accommodate a Guided Missile System.
Her designation was changed from CL 92 to CLG 4, and her
Type Classification was changed to "Galveston Class".

Armament and Weapons Systems for U.S.S. Little Rock CLG 4 were:

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6"/ 47 Mk 16 Gun

5"/38 Mk 12 Gun

40 mm/56 Gun

20 mm/70 Gun

Cleveland Class Cruiser Gun Specifications

Curtiss SC-1 "Seahawk" Floatplane

Talos Guided Missile System

Target Drone