CL-92 / CLG-4 / CG-4


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 As CL-92

USS Little Rock CL-92 was, in its original CL-92 configuration, a Cleveland Class Cruiser.

The armament of all Cleveland Class Cruisers, as designed, was:

12 ea. 6"/ 47 Mk 16 Guns  (4 triple turrets, two forward and two aft)
12 ea. 5"/ 38 Mk 12 Guns  (6 twin mounts, one fwd, one aft, and two on each side)
28 ea. 40 mm/56 Guns (Bofors)
10 ea. 20 mm/70 Guns (Oerlikon)
Drones (Used as targets)
3 ea. Curtiss SC-1 "Seahawk" Floatplanes

As CLG-4 and later CG-4

In 1957 conversion was begun on USS Little Rock CL-92 to accommodate a Guided Missile System.
Her designation was changed from CL-92 to CLG-4,
and her Type Classification was changed to "Galveston Class".

Armament and Weapons Systems for U.S.S. Little Rock CLG-4 were

3 ea. 6"/ 47 Mk 16 Guns (1 triple turret forward)
2 ea. 5"/38 Mk 12 Guns  (1 twin mount forward)
1 ea. GMLS Mk 7 Talos Missile System, with twin-rail Launcher (aft) and 46 Missiles
Remote-controlled Target Drones (Carried on board in early 1960's)
2 ea. Chaffroc Launchers
Installed aboard Little Rock early-mid 70's.
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Other Weapons Carried On Board Little Rock
U.S.M.C. Controlled Weapons
Gunnersmate (GMG) Controlled Weapons

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6"/ 47 Mk 16 Gun

5"/38 Mk 12 Gun

40 mm/56 Gun

20 mm/70 Gun

Cleveland Class Cruiser Gun Specifications

Curtiss SC-1 "Seahawk" Floatplane

Talos Guided Missile System

Target Drone

U.S.M.C. Weapons (Coming Soon)

Gunnersmate Weapons
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