Mk 28 Chaffroc Systems

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Chaffroc Launcher

MK28 Chaffroc Launcher
USS Biddle DLG 34
Photo by William Tanneberger

HISTORY:  After an Egyptian SS-N-2 “Styx” missile destroyed the Israeli destroyer Eilat, the US Navy initiated an emergency R&D program to develop an interim countermeasures launcher. The Mk28 Chaffroc system consisted of two quadruple rocket pods fitted on a trainable mount.

The rockets were loaded with chaff (basically "aluminum foil") which would confuse the radar seekers of first-generation Soviet anti-ship missiles. By firing the eight rockets at various elevations and bearings, a fairly large chaff “cloud” could be created.

The system was tested aboard USS Norton Sound AVM1 in the late 1960's and was later installed aboard numerous U.S. Navy ships including USS Little Rock.

Chaffroc was not ideal. The launchers were large and heavy, and rockets were reloaded by hand. Further, Chaffroc was not slaved to any ESM system and precious seconds would have been needed to give the order to fire the rockets. Chaffroc was never actually used in combat.

CLG 4 Chaffroc Launcher

MK28 Chaffroc Launcher
USS Little Rock CLG 4 / CG 4
Starboard Launcher
Photo by William Maloney

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