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Some neat videos of the Talos Missile and other Missiles....
Check out this great 8mm film of three Talos missile launches from USS Little Rock CLG 4 on 24 Aug 65 made by shipmate William L. Passauer FTM3 (now FTCS-Ret).  YouTube Link
How Talos was handled aboard ship: See the Defense Atomic Support Agency's Training Film Bulletin Number 45, Part II - "Talos Missile Handling Cruiser Installation" (Film #0800049).  YouTube Link
Some great Navy missile information can be seen on Periscope Film's film #2114 "MISSILES OF THE NAVY" (PART 1 of 2) on this YouTube video.
And more great Navy missile information can be seen on Periscope Film's Film #2114 "MISSILES OF THE NAVY" (PART 2 of 2) on this YouTube video.
From the APL Vault is the video "Bumblebee" a film about the U.S. Navy's first supersonic surface-to-air missile program.  See it on YouTube.
From by WDTVLIVE42, a documentary film "Weapons That Work - 1967 United States Navy Missile Systems".  Also on YouTube.


In the 1950's and 60's Guided Missiles were a new weapon. Many manufactures touted their
"connections" to the  military's new weapons.  (Probably to add creditability to their products.)

MOBIL OIL advertisment
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Talos, the "Missile That Can't Miss" 


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