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Dean B. Zaharis - "Sailor of the Year"

USS Little Rock ( CLG.-4 )

NEW YORK 09501

                                                                                                             CLG 4/21:rjb
                                                                                                            Ser  98
                                                                                                            16 MAY 1974

Commanding Officer, USS Little Rock CLG 4
To:      Fire Control Technician (Guns) Second Class Dean Brien Zaharis, USN

Subj:   Letter of Commendation

1. Petty Officer Zaharis, for your personal standards of excellence in official, personal and civic activities, and as LITTLE ROCK's Sailor of the Year you are hereby commended.

2. You have demonstrated leadership qualities and potential seldom found in one so junior. Even before your promotion to Petty Officer Second Class in May 1973, you had begun to fulfill the promise you had shown at FT "A" School where you were evaluated as "one of the best class leaders ever to pass through this school." Your leadership qualities have come to fruition in a variety of activities on board LITTLE ROCK and within the American community of Gaeta, Italy, homeport of the Sixth Fleet Flagship .

3. Your technical expertise was instrumental in achieving the very high state of readiness in LITTLE ROCK's gun battery. During this ship's RAV at Boston Naval Shipyard, you and one other petty officer rewired the entire Mark 13 Radar Console, a major undertaking normally accomplished by a shipyard or other industrial activity. You willingly worked long hours and displayed real professional competence in accomplishing this difficult task.

4. You have proven particularly gifted in the area of community affairs, especially where it involves working with young people. This is of great importance to the crew, staff and dependents of the Fleet Flagship homeported in a small Italian city with no U.S. Base support. As Scoutmaster of the large and very active Boy Scout Troop in Gaeta, you have established what is probably one of the most ambitious and effective programs in scouting anywhere, personally leading almost every aspect of the Troop' s development and activities. Parents of the Scouts have been unstinting and unanimous in their praise of your success in this area. Recently you were given the task of directing the activities of the local Teen Club which has been very instrumental in providing useful outlets for youthful energies. Here again, your enthusiasm, maturity and rapport with youngsters has enabled you to make a go of this important endeavor .

You have been an enthusiastic participant in the Command Development Seminar and Intercultural Relations training in which you also serve as a facilitator, both of which have aided you in your relations with your shipmates and the Italian community.

5. In your short Naval career, you have already marked yourself as one who embodies the LITTLE ROCK motto of "Pride in Achievement" and one to be commended for a job very well done.

                                                                             P.K. CULLINS

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Newspaper Article
Sailor of the Year Art. 1

Ship's Paper

Ships Paper

"Gaeta News"

Sailor of the Year

Zaharis Received LR SOY Award

Capt. Cullins presents
Dean Zaharis with the
"Sailor of the Year" Award

Zaharis At Work

FTG2 Zaharis troubleshooting
ship's gun firecontrol gear

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