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Blaisdell Photo Collage

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#1 Image
Left-to-right: Unknown sailor, O.F. Blaisdell, and BM1 Leigh.
#2 Image
Group picture of persons receiving Letters of Commendation from Captain Mitchell on the fantail April 23, 1968  while in Gaeta, Italy. 2nd row, 1st from left is O.F. Blaisdell,  1st row, 2nd from left is BM1 Leigh.
#3 Image
U.S.S. Liberty the day of our arrival after attack. Little Rock Helicopter is evacuating wounded.
#4 Image
Bow of carrier U.S.S. Saratoga (I think) bearing down on the fantail of Little Rock. Talos missile launcher is in the foreground.
#5 Image
Forward Replenishing Station, starboard side. O.F. Blaisdell in the yellow helmet. Commander Anderson is in the long coat.
#6 Image
O.F. Blaisdell & LTJG Hallinan by the 6" gun turret.
#7 Image
Another picture of the U.S.S. Saratoga (I think) just clearing the stern of the Little Rock. In this frame you can see our helicopter.
#8 Image
Forward refueling station officer squatting with white helmet is Lt. Hallinan. Standing facing camera with white stripped helmet is O.F. Blaisdell. Standing with back to camera is SN Brooks.
#9 Image
Preparing to get under way while moored to buoy , O.F. Blaisdell on the buoy in undressed blues.

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