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This page displays CL 92 crew portraits,  group photos and provides links to albums that have been submitted by the crew of USS Little Rock CL 92, or have been received from friends, family or other non-official Navy sources. Every attempt has been made to post the pictures and text as it was submitted. Occasionally photos or text have to been modified  to conform to the requirements of the website.
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Portraits of individual CL 92 crew members

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Group photos submitted by CL 92 crew members

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Albums submitted by CL 92 crew members

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Other Photos

Bow Shot
Heavy Seas

A "from the Bridge" view of some
really heavy weather.
Probably taken in March of 1948.
Note the ship forward of the Little Rock.
Photo provided by Walt Nebiker.
CL 92 Pierside

Unknown location and date.

Photo provided by Edward Stiles , Jr.
Bow Shot
Bow Shot
A View from the Foc'sle

This photo was taken by Walt Nebiker
in February 1948. It shows clearly the
guns carried on CL 92.  Note that there are
two 6"/47 turrets, three 5"/38 mounts, and
two quad 40mm showing. And there are
more aft and along both sides!

Two Fine Looking Marines

Standing on the fantail
(or is it the bow?) of CL 92.

Marine on the right is
William Reese Rush

Marine on the left is "Unknown

Marines on CL 92
So. American Cruise Chart
Map of USS Little Rock's
South America Cruise

"Round the Horn"
Oct 1945 - March 1946

(Let us know if you know
the origin of this map.)

"All Hands" Personnel Inspection

All Hands mustered on CL 92 Foc'sle
Date and photo origin are uncertain.

Possibly taken during CL 92 Commissioning.

(Most likely an Official U.S. Navy Photo)
CL 92 Crew Inspection
Capt. Mee and Admiral inspect crew
Yet another Personnel Inspection!!

Captain F. J. Mee inspects Marine Detachment aboard USS Little Rock CL 92 during an “All Hands” Personnel Inspection, most likely in the Fall of 1947. The identity of the inspecting Admiral is uncertain. (See Note below.)

The tall gentleman furthest
from the camera, in the center of the picture, is USS Little Rock SC-1 pilot Ens. Robert Friedlein. He is standing with about 12 other "Victor" Division personnel.

The Marine Captain
in the foreground is most likely Captain Frank C. Caldwell.

This photo was donated by Thomas Friedlein, the
brother of ship's SC-1 aviator Ens. Robert Friedlein.

NOTE: We feel reasonably sure that the inspecting Admiral is Rear Admiral Thomas R. Cooley, USN and that the inspection was conducted on 03 Jul 1947 while Little Rock was moored at Newport, RI.

(Most likely an Official U.S. Navy Photo)

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