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What We Did.....
OR Division was a 24 / 7 group of guys that provided all the vital communication links between the Little Rock and the fleet. This essential link with the outside world was handled by the Radioman, sometimes referred to as "Sparks".

Here's some input from
Dave Sciarretta RM2, one of the last of the Radiomen to serve on the Little Rock: "I was an inrouter for the messages on my watch......my Radio Officer called me the SGT Bilko of the Navy.  My office was in Radio 6, way aft.  There was only one way in, or out.  Down the stairway to the boat deck.  That office was host to countless all night poker and spade games." (Read the rest of Dave's posting on the Message, News and Bulletin Board in the "What did YOU do on the Little Rock" thread.)    

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Dave Sciarretta RM2
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* Be sure to read all of Dave Sciarretta's comments on the "Messages, News and Bulletin Board".

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