CLG 4's Departments

Page last updated: 1 May, 2020

According to The Bluejackets Manual (15th Edition, 1959), ships of the U.S. Navy always had the following Departments, each headed by a Department Head:
Operations,    Navigation,    Gunnery (or Deck),
Engineering,    Supply
and  Medical

Each Department was broken down into Divisions, each with a Division Officer.
In addition, ships of the U.S. Navy, depending on type, may also have one or more of the following Departments headed by a Department Head:

Air (Aviation/Helo),  Administrative,  Chaplain,  Dental,  Executive,  
Flag,  Marine,  Repair,  Transportation 
and  Weapons

These Departments also consisted of Divisions, each with its own Division Officer.
The links (in blue) above will take you to the individual Departments that were attached to the U.S.S. Little Rock CLG 4 at various times in her career. The page associated with each Department will provide details as to that Department's functions, as well a links to the Division within that Department.

Note: We recognize that the information contained in these pages may be incomplete, or in some cases inaccurate. We need your input to remedy this. Please send your additions, corrections, comments or feed-back to the

What we need from you:
1. Your name and years aboard.
2. The Department you were in.
3. The Division you were in.
4. Your rate/rank while on the Little Rock.
5. What your job was on the Little Rock.
6. Who you worked with.
7. Any specifics pertaining to equipment
    you worked on. Name of gear, model
    no's. (Mk. and Mod.), etc.
8. Specific memories pertaining to your
    work and life on the Little Rock.
Please send your additions, corrections, comments or feed-back to the

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