Things We Bought and Collected...

Here we list, and display when possible, the things we bought, sent home, carried home, or otherwise hoarded.
These are the treasures and the tangibles that show and connect with where we traveled and what we saw.
Feel free to add your gems to this list. Send an e-mail to the Webmaster.

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Coins, Medallions, etc.
Business Cards

Patches (etc.)...
Come on...  we know you have some in that top bureau drawer!
Or perhaps they are still sewn on your old Work Jacket...?
USS Little Rock and Sixth Fleet Patches and Badges.....
(Not to Scale. Click picture to enlarge.)
Talos Patch

USS Little Rock
"Talos" Patch - 1960's

Eagle Patch

USS Little Rock
"Eagle" Patch - 1970's
Tiger Patch CG 4

USS Little Rock
"Tiger" Patch
After 30 Jun 1975

Nato Badge

NATO Badge

Com6thFleet Patch


Communications Patch

6th Fleet Patch

Staff Patch

Sixth Fleet Patch


6th Fleet MotorPool Badge

Motor Pool Patch
Patches from places we visited......
(Not to Scale. Click picture to enlarge.)
Antibes Badge

Antibes, France

Athens Badge

Athens, Greece
Barcelona Patch

Barcelona, Spain
Cannes Patch

Cannes, France
EZE Bdge

Eze, France
France Patch

France Badge

Genoa Patch

Genoa, Italy
Greece Badge

Gibraltar Badge

Istanbul Patch

Istanbul, Turkey
Italia Patch


Italy Patch

Lisbon, Portugal

Lisbon, Portugal
Marseille Patch

Marseille(s), France
Menton, France

Monaco Patch

Monaco Badge

Monte Carlo Badge

Monte Carlo


Napoli Patch

Naples, Italy
Nice, France

Nice, France
Nice Patch

Nice, France
Nice Badge

Nice, France

Roma Patch

Rome, Italy
Tangier, Morocco
Tangier, Morocco
Turkiye Patch

Tunisie Patch

Vaticano Patch

The Vatican
Venizia Patch

Venice, Italy
Villefranche Patch

Villefranche-sur-Mer, France

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Postcards of Places We Visited.....
(Click picture to enlarge.)
Douglas Coston Postcard Front
Coston Card Rear
The above postcard of Gibraltar was sent on 28 Feb 70 by USS Little Rock crew
Douglas Coston BM3 68-72 to his father.  It somehow made it on to Ebay
where it was sucessfully bid on and purchased by the Association.

Malaga Post Card
Malaga Post Card (Back)
The above postcard showing an aerial view of the harbor
at Malaga, Spain was purchased by USS Little Rock
shipmate Wallace Cardwell BM3, OL Division, 66-68
while he was attached to USS Albany, CG 10.
Above is the back of the postcard shown at the left.

So, you ask.... "Why is this card important to a
USS Little Rock fan?" Continue reading below...
Magnified part showing CLG 4

Note, this is a magnified section of the above postcard showing a ship
tied up behind the apartment buildings in the foreground of the photo.
Look closely and you'll see that it is the USS Little Rock ! You can
see the number "4" on the bow of the ship!!  Now THAT is what you call
paying attention to detail !  Way to go Mr. Cardwell !! Well done !!!

Below is another postcard of Malaga, Spain sent to us by John Meyers ETN2 73-75

Postcard of Malaga, Spain

A nice aerial view of Malaga's famous La Malagueta "Plaza de Toros" bullfight arena,
but unfortunately the USS Little Rock is nowhere to be seen in this photo.

Postcard of Venice, Italy with USS Little Rock CL 92 and other scenes

Venice Postcard

This postcard showing USS Little Rock pierside in Venice, Italy
with surrounding photos of famous Venice scenes was in the collection  of
Captain Henry Moran (24 May 48 - 13 May 49) and was donated
to the Association by his son Thomas Moran

Coins, Medallions, etc.
Navy Related Coins & Medallions.....
(Pictures are not to scale. Click picture to enlarge.)
6th Fleet Annivesary Coin (Front)

US Sixth Fleet
Strike Force South
20th Anniversary Coin
6th Fleet Annivesary Coin (back)

US Sixth Fleet
Strike Force South
20th Anniversary Coin

The coin shown to the left commemorates the 20th Anniversary of the United States Sixth Fleet, Strike Force South (1948-1968).

The coin is silver (.999% pure) and approximately 1 1/2" in diameter.

(Silver was trading at about $28 an ounce in  March 2013)

Photo received from:
Ronney R. Brewington
RM2, 1968 - 1969

Apparently there was a least two versions of this coin made.

In March 2013, a larger 2 1/2" diameter bronze version was available on eBay. It had an opening price of $225.

The eBay add stated that the coin was manufactured by Medallic Art, Bronx, NY.
Things We Made Aboard Ship
With time to spare....  how did we use it?

"Short Timer" Belt Buckle

Handmade Short-timer Belt Buckle

This sturdy belt buckle measures 3 3/8" wide by 2 1/4" high and is made of solid brass plate about 3/32" thick. The buckle is welded or soldered to a "standard issue" NAVY brass buckle on the back, allowing it to be used with a standard web belt. (Those "R Division" guys were masters at fabricating. Part of the trade we suppose!)

This gem, a hand-made brass belt buckle was sent to us by shipmate Ken Skelton HT3 (1973-1975). 

Ken told us the buckle was made by an unknown R Division short-timer who apparently wanted everyone his time in the Navy was soon to end. When the unknown gentleman got out, he 
passed the buckle  on to the next eligible shipmate. The buckle eventually ended up with Richard Craig. Several years ago Richard gave the buckle "back" to Ken, who eventually  sent it to us!

Here's a list of last seven "owners" of the buckle:
Home St.
Scott Scribner
Sept 73
Dave Wallace
Sept 74
Bauer, James A. "Jimbo"
Nov 74
Mike Childs
Nov 74
Randy Brown HT3
Apr 75
Ken Skelton
May 75
Richard Craig
June 75

More Interesting Collectibles.....
(Click picture to enlarge.)

Talos Tie Tack
Talos Tie Tack

The tie tack shown to the left was an eBay find. It includes an AN/SPG-51 search radar on the end and five small signal flags across the front. The signal flags spell out "TALOS".

For your edification you can see more info on the US Navy's Signal Flags on this website by clicking HERE.

AN/SPG-51 Radar
AN/SPG-51 Radar

The AN/SPG-51 is a tracking / illumination radar for the RIM-24 Tartar and RIM-66 Standard missiles. It was never used with the TALOS missile.

Thanks to shipmate Mike Cottrell FTMC (Ret) for helping to identify the radar.

Worthington Key Fob

Worthington Key FOB

Worthington Key Fob

This key fob was donated by shipmate Robert W Peterson Jr. - MM3 (1964 -1968)

Key fobs such as this were provided as gifts to customers of the Worthington Pump and Machinery Corporation, Buffalo, NY.

Worthington Pump and Machinery was a major supplier of pumps to the US Navy.

The fob was intended to be attached to the customer's key chain. A record of that specific fob's serial number and who it was given to was kept by Worthington. If the owner lost his keys, and IF the finder of those key dropped them (with the fob still attached) into a USPS mailbox, the USPS would see to it that they found their way to Wortthington's offices. Worthington then would determine the owner based on the recorded serial number and then mail the keys back to the owner.

Worthington, a manufacturer of pumps suitable for marine service, and particularly for battleships, cruisers, torpedo boats, destroyers and submarines, has always been regarded as a standard of excellence, not only in the United States but also among the great maritime powers of the world.

The executive offices of the corporation are located at 115 Broadway, New York City. Its manufacturing works are located in Harrison, NJ, Holyoke and East Cambridge, MA, Buffalo, NY, Cincinnati, OH, Cudahy, WI and Hazleton, PA.

USS Little Rock Theme Lighters.....
(Not to Scale. Click picture to enlarge.)
Zippo Lighter

1960's version of the Zippo "Talos" lighter (front)
(back side has no image)
Zippo Lighter

1970's version of the Zippo "Eagle" lighter (front)
Zippo Lighter (Rear)

1970's version of the Zippo "Eagle" lighter (back)
The Zippo lighters shown above are reproductions of the original versions sold in the Ship's Store in the 1960's and 70's.
A limited number of these lighters are available from the on-line Ship's Store.

Lt. Elstad's Zippo Lighter

Zippo "Slim Lighter" with custom "Talos" logo and USS Little Rock CLG 4

To the left is Lt. Leif Elstad's "Slim Lighter" Zippo lighter. The "Slim Lighter" was made by Zippo between 1956 and 1965. A date code on the bottom of the lighter (one or more dots) indicated the date of manufacture. However, lighters made in early 1956 and in 1965 had no dots. After 1966 a series of vertical bars were used to indicate the date the lighter was made.

Lt. Elstad's lighter bears no markings on the bottom other than the Zippo name and trademark symbol. This, plus the fact that the front has the USS Little Rock and the ship's logo engraved on it, would lead us to assume th ligher was manufactured (and probably purchased by Lt. Elstad) in 1965.

Ed. Note: F.Y.I.....  Lt. Elstad was involved in a dramatic helicopter rescue operation while stationed on board LITTLE ROCK.  Click HERE to read about the incident.
Lighter Front

Lighter Front

Robert Peterson MM3 (64-68) purchased the "Vu-Lighter" shown at the left from the USS Little Rock's Ship's Store in 1964 or 1965.

Bob told us "I quit smoking, but the lighter still works."

The "Vu-Lighter" was manufactured by Scripto, Inc.  The firm stopped producing them in 1977.
The Zippo Barcroft lighter with the U.S.S. LITTLE ROCK CLG 4 engraving (on the right) was a very limited edition lighter. We have none of these in our memorabilia collection. These were most likely available in the Ship's Store from sometime in 1967 to 1974.

Introduced in 1939 the "Barcroft" was Zippo's first Table Lighter. It was discontinued in 1979. Over the 40 year span there were four models. The 4th (1953-1979) is 3.25" tall and uses the same insert as the regular size pocket-model Zippo. The Barcroft Table Lighter is a  combination of a traditional Zippo lighter insert and an attachable pedestal base. It was available in brass, polished chrome and steel satin finish.
Zippo Barcroft Lighter

Business Cards and the like...
Business Cards and Brochures from places we (may have) frequented:
(Click picture to enlarge.)
Tattoo Business Card Front

Business Card
Jacob Razzouk Tattoo Parlor
Old City Jerusalem

Tattoo Bisiness Card Back

Business Card
Jacob Razzouk Tattoo Parlor
Old City Jerusalem


This Business Card was sent to us by shipmate Jerry Cline  GS2 (1961 - 1963) who claims it was from a tattoo parlor he and Art Tilley visited (in 1963).

Art catagorically denies having ever been to the establishment  ...and Jerry has no visible tattoos!

And... the Jacob Razzouk tattoo parlor is still in business!  To visit their  website....


Art is in the eyes of the beholder...   or so they say.
Here are some of the things we bought and lugged home
that we felt fall into the category of "Artwork".

Saporetti Painting of CLG 4

Saporetti Paintings

The USS Little Rock Association has several of Saporetti's paintings. One is in the ship's wardroom, and others in the Association's archives. All are oil on canvas and are hand signed "Saporetti" by the artist. Each painting depicts LITTLE ROCK underway as in the image to the left.

It is reported that Mr. (?) Saporetti resided in Naples and was renowned for his paintings of warships. If you have a "Saporetti" send us a picture of it and we will post it here. And...  if you have more information about Saporetti, please let us know.