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Crew Shots

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Crew Barbers

Newport Barber Shop:
1st chair, seated: Paul StGermain / Standing: E.G. Penrod
2nd chair, seated Larry Wallace / Standing-left: Woody Donaldson
Standing-right: W.D. Miller
Crew Barbers

Shorty and crew at Newport, RI - Fleet Training Center:
Left to right:
Front: Phil Lees, R.C. Galloway, R.A.Wheeler
Center: R.P. Craddock, Shorty Girouex
Rear: B.J. Mullins, E.G. Penrod, W.D. Miller, David Beebe


Jail Birds
Gitmo Bay Jail:

"Kit" Carson and Woody Donaldson

Hugh Strawn and Tony Rothrock
Photo Submitted by:
Hugh Strawn

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