U.S.S. Little Rock CL 92 / CLG 4 / CG 4

Official and Unofficial
Documents, Papers & Correspondence

Page last updated: 2 December, 2021

This page provides links to samples of the various documents and papers that the typical Navyman aboard the USS Little Rock had to deal with on a day-to-day basis. These documents fall into two categories, "Official" and "Unofficial". Documents that are "Official" are those with Navy-assigned numbers. Those that are listed as "Unofficial" either have no assigned number or have a local (i.e.: ship assigned) number.

Each category is broken into sub-sections to make searching for a particular type of document easier.

"Official" Documents and Papers
"Message Traffic"
Documents  of an official nature either sent to or from the U.S.S. Little Rock.
Documents, other than Message Traffic, of an official nature sent to or from the U.S.S. Little Rock.
"Operational Documents"
Documents, Forms, Directives, Lists pertaining to the operation of the ship.

"Unofficial" Documents and Papers
"Ship Issued Documents"
Items such as Liberty Cards, "Late Sleeper" tags, Cigarette Ration cards, etc.
Documents of an unofficial nature either sent to or from the USS Little Rock.
"Attaboy" Awards"
Letters and Awards issued to Personnel and Departments

Newspaper  Articles
"Farewell to France"
A New York Times article on the 6th Fleet's departure from France

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