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Unofficial Documents, Papers & Correspondence

10 August, 2017

This page provides brief descriptions and pictures of the various "unofficial" documents and papers that the typical Navyman might encounter on a day-to-day basis. These documents fall into three categories, "Ship Issued Documents" "Correspondence" and "Atta-boy" Awards".

"Ship Issued Documents"
Document Name
CL 92
Plank Owner's
A "Plank Owner" is a crew member who was assigned to and on board a vessel on the day of her official commissioning. This certificate was issued to crewman William Barrons RM3c on 17 June 1945 when USS Little Rock CL 92 was commissioned in Philadelphia, PA.
CL 92 Plankowner Certificate
Blue Nose Card
This "Royal Order of the Blue Nose" card was issued to CL 92 crew members who were aboard for when the ship crossed the Arctic Circle on 30 Nov 1946.
1946 Blue Nose Card
Blue Nose Certificate
This "Royal Order of the Blue Nose" certificate was issued to CLG 4 crew members who were aboard for when the ship crossed the Arctic Circle on 14 Sep 1972. Blue Nose Card 1972
Cigarette Ration Card
Cigarette Ration Cards were issued to Navy personnel during WWII. The intent was to limit the purchasing of hard to come by tobacco products. These two cards were donated by CL 92 shipmates Al Newhouse SGT (USMC) 1947-49 (upper card) and Walt Nebiker S1C 1947-48 (lower card). Cigarette Ration Card

Cigarette Ration Card

Camera Pass (Front)
A Camera Pass was issued to individuals on board Little Rock who owned a camera. The pass authorized the individual to have the camera in their possession while boarding or leaving the ship. This Camera Pass was owned by Terrence J. Mahoney
Camera Pass (Front)
Camera Pass (Back) The back side of the Camera Pass explained that the camera was to not be used for taking pictures of the ship, other ships or naval facilities. It provided a "Chapter and Verse" reference to the U.S. Navy Security Manual.
Camera Pass (Back)
Laundry Receipt
The Laundry Receipt was a way for the ship's laundry to keep track of the individual clothing items sent in by Officers for cleaning and pressing.

Enlisted men's laundry was placed in a large bag (all the laundry from one division in one bag) and sent to the laundry for washing (but not pressing). When it was returned to the division it was usually dumped on a table and sorted by the men themselves. Each man then pressed their own clothes as needed.
Laundry Receipt
Late Sleeper Tag
This tag was issued to individuals who were required to be up for the mid-watch (midnight to 4 AM). It was hung from their bunk and authorized them to sleep for one hour after reveille.
(Picture not yet
Liberty Card
When liberty was granted it was necessary to present your Liberty Card to the Officer of the Deck (OOD) or Junior Officer of the Deck (JOOD) to verify that you were in fact authorized liberty. Each of the enlisted crew was issued a Liberty Card identifying them by name and Duty Section assignment.  Only specific Duty Sections were authorized liberty at any one time. This Liberty Card was donated by CL 92 shipmate Walt Nebiker S1C 1947-48.
Liberty Card
Money Exchange Receipt The Money Exchange Receipt was used to "prove" that any foreign currency in the possession of a crew member was from a legal exchange of US funds made aboard ship. It was probably intended to help keep US money out of the black market (which always seemed to have a better exchange rate). Money Exchange Recipt
Shellback Card Shellback Cards were given to those who had crossed the equator and had been duly initiated into "King Neptune's Court". The card was in addition to a certificate received by each crew member so initiated. This Shellback Card is from the collection of CL 92 shipmate Earl Philbeck, S2/C 1945-1946. and was earned during CL 92's 05 November 45 crossing of the equator. Shellback Card
U.S. Postal Money Order
In addition to handling the mail, the ship's Post Office sold Money Orders to the crew. For most of us the Money Order was the best means of "mailing" funds to someone. Back then, who had a checking account? (And ATM's hadn't yet been invented!)

The two receipts shown were donated by Wallace B. Cardwell BM3, OL Div. (1966 - 1968). Wally says he can't recall who he sent the $1.00 and $3.90 Money Orders to.

Postal Money Order Receipts
U.S.S. Little Rock CL 92
Commissioning Program
17 June 1945
A Commissioning Program provides the sequence of events and lists the major participants in the commmissioning of a naval vessel. The events include the act of simultaneouslyraising  the ensign, jack and commissioning pennant which marks the actual moment the ship joins the fleet. This is followed by the new Commanding Officer reporting that the ship has been placed in commission and that he is assuming command.

CL 92 Commissioning Program F&B

Front & Back Pages
CL 92 Comm. Program 1 &4

Pages 1 & 4
CL 92 Comm. Program 2 & 3

Pages 2 & 3

U.S.S. Little Rock CG 4
Bicentennial Decommissioning Crew Member Certificate
November 1976

Awarded to all CG 4 crewmembers
who were involved with
"bringing this Proud Lady
to her last port."
Decom Crewmember Certificate
Document Name
Letter of Appreciation
from the town of
Hollis, Maine
This is a copy of a letter received via the Commandant First Naval District commending the men of the USS Little Rock for their help in fighting fires in Maine in 1947.
Letter from Hollis Maine
Letter from the
1st Naval District

A copy of a cover letter from the Commandant of the First Naval District dated 28 Nov 1947 forwarding the above referenced letter from the Selectmen at Hollis, Maine. 1st Naval District Letter
"Atta-boy" Awards"
Document Name
Congratulatory Letters

Unofficial Commendations

Bronze Man Award The USS Little Rock's "Bronze Man" Award was presented by the Captain to individuals in recognition of theit "outstanding job performance." (Click HERE for a more detailed description of this award.)

Bronzeman Certificate

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