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A Final Good Bye To
The Joshua Barney School

located in...

Gaeta, Italy

Was also known as the...

"Gaeta American School"

and as the...

"Gaeta Elementary School"

Opened September 1967 - Closed June 2008 - Demolished March 2018

Shipmates and Friends,

We received a note recently from Mr. Erasmo Di Pernaa in Gaeta, Italy ( with the following news:

"I sadly want to tell you, American friends, that today the glorious Joshua Barney School in Gaeta has been stupidly demolished to build a 96 units apartment building. So sad.

Greetings from Gaeta, Italy proud home of the USS Little Rock :'( "

He included the following article with photos:

(Newspaper article translated to English by Google Translate)

Gaeta / Ruspe at the American School,
the biotech residential park is born.

Written by Antonio Gioia / Actuality, Economics, Gaeta, Video / 6 March 2018, 9:44 pm

GAETA - It could represent the future for the high school students of Gaeta but the policy failed to reach an agreement with private property. So the new owner, Seri Spa, decided to use the residential use destination to transform the American school into a biotech residential park. This is the structure of cross-laminated load-bearing panels of the largest wooden planks in Italy, as stated by the company itself. A real neighborhood within the district of Calegna: the Parco Nato will host three large buildings and 96 apartments, built on an area of 9,000 square meters.


USS Springfield CLG 7,   USS Albany CG 10,  USS Puget Sound AD 38,  USS Coronado AGF 11,
USS Belknap CG 26,   USS La Salle AGF 3  and  USS Mount Whitney LCC 20 / JCC 20.

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