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USS Little Rock LCS 9 Change of Command Ceremony

05 May 2017 - Mayport, FL
Change of Command
LCS9 Crew 109

Change of Command

On Friday 05 May 2017 in Mayport, FL
Commander Todd D. Peters (left) relieved Commander Paul R. Burkhart (right)
as Commanding Officer of USS Little Rock LCS 9's Crew 109.

The event included a "Cake Cutting" ceremony at The Mayport Beacon in Jacksonville, FL

Mayport Has First LCS Crew

08 Jan 2016 - USS Little Rock LCS9 Crew 109 is commissioned

LCS9 Crew 109

LCS Crew 109 wears their new ballcaps signifying the crew's commissioning om Jan. 8 at
Ocean Breeze Conference Center.   Crew 109 is the first NS Mayport LCS Crew to be commissioned.
They will be USS Little Rock's LCS 9 commissioning crew.

Photo by NC1 Gabriel St. Peter

USS Little Rock LCS9 Crew 109's Commissioning Ceremony

Littoral Combat Ship Crew 109's commissioning ceremony was held on Jan. 8 and marks the first LCS Crew commissioning ceremony for Naval Station Mayport.

The ceremony opened with the announcement of the newly commissioned crew and its plans for the future. Crew 109 became qualified through various trainings and schools throughout the United States to prepare for its duties as a rotational crew.

"The crew has completed all the training and certifications necessary and now they are looking forward to what 2016 has in store with the delivery, commissioning and sail away of USS Little Rock LCS 9," said Cmdr. Paul Burkhart, commanding officer of Crew 109.

Cmdr. Todd Peters, executive officer of Crew 109, said he is very excited about the new adventures that Crew 109 is about to face.

"Today, we live in an uncertain world, where conflict and crisis can arise at any time," Peters said. "We must always plan for the unknown and be ready to respond accordingly. I know our crew will put warfighting first and will always be ready."

The crew will be USS Little Rock's LCS 9 commissioning crew. They will travel to Marinette, Wisconsin in the summer of 2016 to make preparations for the ship's sail away and commissioning in November 2016. The ship will make its final destination at Naval Station Mayport at the end of 2016.

The versatile LCS variants are designed with a minimal manning concept in mind. A core crew consists of about 50 highly qualified Sailors operate the systems, stand watch and conduct maintenance in support of the ship's mission. They work off a 3:2:1 rotational crew concept (three crews, two ships, one ship deployed) providing twice the forward presence of other surface combatants.

The above article ran in the Mayport News on 13 Jan 2016

The Commissioning of Little Rock Crew 109

By Bill Stankiewicz - President
USS Little Rock Association

The first of three crews to be assigned to Little Rock LCS 9 was commissioned at the Naval Station Mayport, Florida, January 8, 2016. The ceremony for Crew 109 was held at the Ocean Breeze Conference Center located at the Naval Station.  At the invitation of Commanding Officer, CDR Paul Burkhart, Art and Jane Tilley and Mary and I represented USS Little Rock Association at the crew commissioning.

After an Invocation by LT Jonathan Craig, CO Burkhart read the Crews Orders and held the crew muster, introducing more than 45 sailors that will comprise the ship's first crew, who have adopted the name "Warhawgs."

In his remarks, Command Senior Chief Joseph Reynolds stated, "Inspiration is one thing you cannot control, but hard work is what keeps our crew moving. Work hard as you always do, and keep our spirit advancing and focused."

Executive Officer, CDR Todd Peters, followed with, "Today we live in an uncertain world, where conflict and crisis can arise at any time. We must always plan for the unknown and be ready to respond accordingly. I know our crew will put war-fighting first and will always be ready."

And CO Burkhart closed with, "Warhawgs are built on strength and integrity. These are the values we cherish and celebrate above all others. Since the beginning, we have challenged each other to get stronger: physically, mentally and spiritually. We have also invested tremendous time, energy and love in earning each other's trust. We believe strength and integrity are critical to accomplishing our Mission: To deliver a lethal, combat-ready force to the fleet; ready to deploy anywhere, anytime. Today we join the fleet. You are the first to wear Warhawgs on your chest. Wear it with pride. But also understand it comes with great responsibility. For as Plank-Owners you will chart the course for all future successes. Much good lies ahead."

After meeting this impressive group of sailors, Art and I both believe the future of our Navy and our country is in good hands.

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