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Littoral Combat Ship USS Little Rock LCS 9

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The Navy is sending one of its newest ships to hunt high-seas drug smugglers.

09 Feb 2019

By Geoff Ziezulewicz
Military Times

A littoral combat ship is slated to deploy to the waters of US Southern Command this year to battle drug smugglers, its top officer told lawmakers Thursday.

SOUTHCOM commander Adm. Craig Faller declared America's opioid epidemic "a national security crisis" during a hearing before the Senate Armed Services committee and said an LCS will patrol South American and Caribbean waters to interdict illicit narcotics.

While 2017 and 2018 were record years for drug seizures in his command, Faller said much work remains to be done.

The admiral did not identify which LCS would undertake the mission but indicated it also could be available for exercises and other duties alongside partner nations the SOUTHCOM's area of responsibility, a sprawling command that sprawls across 31 countries and 16 dependencies and represents about one-sixth of the world's landmass.

(Posted on Little Rock website 09 Feb 2019)

LCS Blue-Gold Crews Catch On!
"The US Navy is planning for its new frigate to be a workhorse"

30 Jan 2019

The following excerpts are from an article
By David B. Larterz
published January 30, 2019 by Military Times

WASHINGTON — The U.S. Navy is looking to get a lot of underway time out of its new frigate and is eyeing a crewing model that swaps out teams of sailors to maximize the operational time for each hull.

The so-called blue-gold crewing model effectively creates two crews for each ship of the class. The blue crew and gold crew switch out to keep the ships at sea for as long as possible without breaking the sailors and their families. It’s the model the Navy has used for years on the ballistic missile submarines and is employing on the littoral combat ships, but now the model is likely to extend to the LCS successor, said Rear Adm. Ron Boxall, the Chief of Naval Operations’ surface warfare director.

Further into the article Mr. Larter continues......

Lessons from LCS

Getting more simulator time for surface sailors has been an initiative championed by the Navy’s top surface warfare officer Vice Adm. Rich Brown. It’s an off-shoot from lessons-learned from FFG(X)’s predecessor, the LCS, which has extremely high-fidelity simulator trainers for its crews before they take over their assigned hulls.

One thing the surface force has been intrigued to see has been the high quality of the officers that come up through the LCS program, something the Navy in part attributes to the trainers, Boxall said, and the SWOs want to replicate that for the FFG(X).

"One really interesting side-note with LCS has been the quality of the training," Boxall said........

"This has meant that LCS officers more-than stack up to their peers from larger, more advanced ships," he added. The littoral combat ship adopted the Blue-Gold crewing model after a series of high-profile breakdowns, some caused by crew errors. The original model was to have three crews for two hulls, a rotational model that the Navy worried was taking away from the sense of ownership for a single, specific hull that permanently attached crews might have to a greater degree.

The program was reorganized to a Blue-Gold model, which required hundreds of new billets for the LCS program....

Both minesweepers and patrol craft, two other workhorse platforms in the surface community, operate under a Blue-Gold crewing model as well.

However, it may not be a model that the Navy will pursue on the large surface combatant now in development. That ship may be better with a lower operational tempo, Boxall said.

"We’ll look and see if that makes sense on the large surface combatant or not.... Maybe those are better ships to keep as a surge force, maybe they’re fine operating on a lower rotational model."

(Posted on Little Rock website 31 Jan 2019)

"USS Little Rock LCS 9 Change of Command and Crew"

09 November 2018

On 09 November 2018 LITTLE ROCK Blue Crew (Warhogs) turned the ship over to LITTLE ROCK Gold Crew (Scorpions) in the first ever Exchange of Command.

CDR Bush and the crew of Little Rock Gold relieved CDR Peters and the crew of Little Rock Blue and took the Watch of USS Little Rock LCS 9 in an Exchange of Command Ceremony held on the Flight Deck.

CAPT Johnston, Commodore of LCSRON TWO, presided over the ceremony.

"Thank you, USS Little Rock Blue Crew - Warhawgs for setting us up for success. We will continue the legacy of excellence."

(Posted on Little Rock website 16 Jan 2019)

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