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"Ladies Auxiliary"

Page last updated: 4 July, 2018

Most sailors consider it unlucky to have a woman aboard ship . . . . .  to which we say "Hogwash!"

Let it be known that the members of the U.S.S. Little Rock Association feel just the opposite when it comes to having women as part of our group.  In fact, the ladies of the Association have their own group within the Association and they contribute mightily to the morale, well-being and smooth operation of our organization. Known informally as the "Little Rocker-ettes" or the "Lady Rockers" or the "Ladies Auxiliary", these gentle-women have only one goal in mind, and that is to support the Association in whatever way they can.

The Auxiliary has the following ladies as Officers. . . .

President - Eileen Landwehr
 Treasurer - Pegge Lapore
Secretary - Marlene Schuld

and to keep things in perspective, look at the chart below !!

USS Little Rock Ladies - Contributions to the Association
Restoration Fund
Restoration Fund
$1185.00 (1),  $600.00 (2)
(1) Restoration Fund,  (2) Scholarship Fund 
Scholarship Fund
$1440.00 (1),  $786.00 (2)
(1) Restoration Fund,  (2) Scholarship Fund
Scholarship Fund
General Fund
General Fund
General Fund

NEWS from the Ladies....

Ladies....the 2018 Reunion is just around the corner. We're looking forward to seeing you in Portland, ME in just a couple of weeks.

I just wanted to let you know that "YES! We will be having our Tricky Tray Auction again this year. This is one of the highlights of our annual get-together.

We will need YOUR contribution(s) for the Auction. So please remember to bring along one or more items that you think might be suitable for our event. All contributions... "Smart" or "Silly" will be welcome.

Thanks in advance. See you in Portland. Travel safe.

My e-mail is: jlandwehr2@new.rr.com
My phone is: 920-336-8366

We look forward to seeing each of you every year at the Little Rock reunion!

Eileen Landwehr

Click HERE for printable letter.

It's Auction Time !!

Ladies Raffle 1
Ladies Raffle 2
Ladies Raffle 2

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