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Mission Completed

Statue of the raising of the flag on Mount Suribachi, Iwo Jima,
on 23 Feb 1945.
(See details on picture below.)

Marines,  Always Ready

Marine Duo

Two of our nation's finest...
"Unknown" Marine on the left.
William Reese Rush on the right.

    First Iwo Flag       First down, Second up       Second Iwo Flag
        First flag is raised.                   First flag is lowered,                   Second flag raised.
Mount Suribachi on Iwo Jima was the site of two flag raisings on 23 Feb 1945. The first flag raising was around 1020 hours, the second flag raising was in the afternoon. The most famous of the several pictures of the flag raisings is memorialized by the Iwo Jima Memorial Statue in Arlington, VA (upper left photo). Below are the names of the individuals involved in both flag raisings.
1st Raising - 1020 AM

Charlo, Louis PFC USMC
Hansen, Henry SGT USMC
Lindberg, Charles CPL USMC
Michels, James PFC USMC
Schrier, Harold 1stLT USMC
Thomas, Ernest SGT USMC

Photo: Lou Lowery, SGT USMC
Flag: 2nd Battalion, 28th Marines

2nd Raising - Early afternoon

Block, Harlon CPL USMC
Bradley, John PM2 (Corpsman) USN
Gagnon, Rene PFC USMCR
Hayes, Ira PFC USMCR
Sousley, Franklin PFC USMCR
Strank, Michael, SGT USMC

Photo by: AP Photographer Joe Rosenthal
Flag: LST-758 (Not LST-779) USCG
Flag Raisers Bios

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USMC Reunion 05

USS Little Rock Association
Annual Reunion - Buffalo 2005

Shown above are U.S. Marines from U.S.S. Springfield CLG-7
attending the 2005 Annual Reunion in Buffalo, New York.

Left to right:
Sidorkewicz, Hawkins, Ekberg, Watson, Jensen, Rubin, Weber, and Merta

Did YOU Know.....
  1. The USS Little Rock Association has a significant number of Marines who were stationed aboard Little Rock and are active members of the Association?

  2. Marines who served on USS Springfield CLG 7 who were attached to 6th Fleet Staff, or who cross-decked when 6th Fleet moved from Little Rock to Springfield, or vice versa, are also members of the Association?

  3. A past Commandant of the Marines Corps, General Carl E. Mundy Jr. served as a Lieutenant on board Little Rock? Check out our "Famous Crew" page!

Flag at half staff
Gen Mundy Picture
Remember Our Marines
General Carl Mundy
Commandant Marine Corp
Semper Fi

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