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Maltese Flag

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U.S.S. LITTLE ROCK went to Malta on at least several occasions as CL-92, and on several more occasions as CLG-4.
From our records (see Chronology Pages) the following are the dates of visits to the cities of Marsaxlokk  or to Valletta.

Visits to Malta by CL-92

September 11-12, 1946 (Port uncertain)
September 19, 1946
(Port uncertain)
December 10, 1947 (Marsaxlokk)
December 10, 1947 (Marsaxlokk)
January 17-20, 1948 (Valletta)
January 21-23, 1948 (Marsaxlokk)
October 04, 1948 (Hurd Banks Anchorage)
October 05-07, 1948 (Marsaxlokk)

Visits to Malta by CLG-4

November 14-16, 1968 (Valletta)
November 13-16, 1969 (Port Uncertain)
December 02-05, 1969 (Valletta)
April 08-09, 1970 (Valletta)
June 19-26, 1970 (
Port Uncertain, for bow repairs)

CLG4 Enters Grand Harbor
CLG4 In Valletta
U.S.S. Little Rock CLG-4
Entering Grand Harbor, Valletta, Malta
circa 1968-1969

U.S.S. Little Rock CLG-4
In Grand Harbor, Valletta, Malta
circa 1968-1969

CL92 in Malta


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