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Page last updated: 15 March, 2021

Note: The information contained on this page and any linked pages is intended to be used as a source of general information that may be useful to model builders interested in modeling the CLG 4 version of the USS Little Rock. No guarantee is given or implied as to the accuracy of the information furnished.

Note: Some of the photographs and drawings below are copyrighted.
Please contact the Webmaster regarding permission to use these images


Photographs and Drawings
(Click any photo to enlarge it.)
Camden ca. 1959

Photo 1-A

Camden Shipyard
ca. 1959

Philadelphia 1960

Photo 1-B

Philadelphia NSY
ca. 1960

Underway 1960

Photo 1-C

ca. 1960

1962 Radars

Photo 1-D

Stern View

Bow View 1963

Photo 1-E

Bow View
ca. 1963

Boston Dec 72 Turret

Photo 1-F

6" Turret - Boston NSY
Dec. 1972

Stbd Fwd Quarter Boston 1971

Photo 1-G

Stbd Fwd Quarter - Boston ca. 1971
Camden 1959

Photo 1-H

Camden Shipyard
ca. 1959

Air View

Photo 1-I

Air View #1
ca. 1965
Air View ca. 1961

Photo 1-J

Air View #2
ca. 1961

Port Side Underway 1961

Photo 1-K

Underway Port Side View
ca. 1961

Aft Quarter 1960

Photo 1-L

Aft Starboard Quarter

Talos Launcher 1960

Photo 1-M

Talos Launcher

Bow View Norfolk 1966

Photo 1-N

Bow View
ca. 1966

Underway 1962

Photo 1-O

ca. 1962

Underway 1965

Photo 1-P

ca. 1965

CLG 4 At Anchor Gaeta, Italy

Photo 1-GI

CLG 4 at anchor, Gaeta, Italy

CLG 4Unrep

Photo 1-UR

CLG 4 at sea

Underway Jan 1972

Photo 1-Q

Jan 1972

Underway July 1967

Photo 1-R

July 1967

Ships Boats Port 1961

Photo 1-S

Ships Boats - Portside
ca. 1961

Portside Boats 1966

Photo 1-TP

Ships Boats - Port Side
ca. 1966
CLG 4 Ships Boats Stbd Side 1960

Photo 1-TS

Ships Boats - Starboard Side
ca. 1960

Missile Radars NORVA 1966

Photo 1-U

Missile Radars Stb'd View
ca. 1966

04 Level Forward Norfolk 1966

Photo 1-V

Bridge and 04 Level
ca. 1966

AN/SPG-49 Radar

Drawing 1-A

AN/SPG-49 Radar

(Copyrighted Drawing A)

Drawing 1-B

AN/SPS-30 Search Radar

(Copyrighted Drawing B)

Aft Tower Picture Norfolk 1963

Photo 1-AT

Aft Tower with SPS-30

Mk 34 Gun Fire Director Drawing

Drawing 1-34

Mk 34 Gun Fire Director

Mk 34 Gun Fire Director Photo

Photo 1-MK34 (1)

Mk 34 Gun Fire Director

Mk-34 Gun Fire Control Director

Photo 1-MK34 (2)

Mk 34 Gun Fire Director


Drawing 1-C

AN/SPS-43 Search Radar

(Copyrighted Drawing C)

Drawing 1-D

AN/SPW-2 Guidance Radar
(Copyrighted Drawing D)

Drawing 1-E

AN/SPS-10A Search Radar

(Copyrighted Drawing E)
Mk 37 Fire Control Director

Drawing 1-F

Mk37 Gun Fire Control Director

(Copyrighted Drawing F)
Bow Discone Antenna
Bow Discone Antenna

Bow Detail #1

Drawing G

Bow Detail #1
Note: For USS Little Rock
models, use hull number 4
hull number 5

(Copyrighted Drawing G)
Bow Detail #2

Drawing H

Bow Detail #2
Note: For USS Little Rock
models, use hull number 4
NOT hull number 5.

(Copyrighted Drawing H)
Little Rock Depth Markings

Photo DM

USS Little Rock
Depth Markings

Bow Detail #4

Photo 1-W

Bow Detail #4
Bow Detail #5

Photo 1-X

Bow Detail #5
Bow Detail #6

Photo 1-Y1

Bow Detail #6
Bow Detail #7

Drawing 1-J

Bow Detail #7
See Dwg. DM above.

(Copyrighted Drawing J)
Discone and Bow

Photo 1-Y2

USS Little Rock
Bow Detail #7

US Little Rock Anchor Chain

Photo 1-Y3

USS Little Rock Anchor Chain and Hawse Pipe

USS Little Rock Bow Detail

Photo 1-Y4

USS Little Rock
Bow Detail #8

USS Little Rock Flag Hoists (Port)

Photo 1-Y5

USS Little Rock Flag Hoists (Port)

Bow Detail Deck

Photo 1-Z

Bow Detail Deck View

Bow Detail Stem

Photo 1-Z1

Bow Detail Stem View

Look Station 04 Level

Photo 1-LS

Lookout Station
04 Level Starboard Side

Lookout Station 04 Level Portside

Photo 1-LP

Lookout Station
04 Level Port Side

Hull Drawings

Drawing 1-K

Hull Details

Note: For USS Little Rock models,
use hull number 4 NOT hull number 5.

(Copyrighted Drawing K)

Stern Lights

Drawing 1-L

Stern Light Details
See Drawing N below
for location details

(Copyrighted Drawing L)
Stern Details

Drawing 1-SD

Stern Detail showing
USS Little Rock aft antenna mount. Port antenna is shown. Similar mount on starboard side

Missile House Starboard Side

Drawing 1-MH

Detail showing starboard side  and aft end of Missile House.

Propeller Shafts

Drawing 1-M

Prop Shafts, Struts and Rudder.
(Stbd Side shown)

Copyrighted Drawing M)
Stern Details

Drawing 1-N

Stern Details
Note: For USS Little Rock models,
use hull number 4 NOT hull number 5
and correct ship name.

(Copyrighted Drawing N)
Prop Shafts

Drawing 1-O

Prop Shafts, Struts and Rudder.
(Close-up of Stbd Side shown)

(Copyrighted Drawing O)

Prop Shafts

Drawing 1-P

Prop Shafts, Struts and Rudder.
(Bottom View)

Copyrighted Drawing P)

1. All photos, unless otherwise noted, are official U.S. Navy photos and are in the Public Domain.
2. All drawings and sketches are copyrighted and may not be used without permission.
3. All drawings unless otherwise noted have been generously furnished by Dr. Phillip R. Hays.
    (You can view his entire website dedicated to the USS Oklahoma City CLG5 HERE.)

CL 92 Hull Offsets

CL 92 Hull Offsets (w/o Modifications)

Click drawing to expand it.

CLG 4  As-Built Design Specifications
Ship Name:
• U.S.S. Little Rock
• CLG 4
• Guided Missile Cruiser, Light
• Galveston
Displacement (Standard:
• 10,670 tons
• 15,205 tons
Length at Waterline:
• 600 ft.
Length Overall:
• 610 ft
• 66 ft.
• 166 ft. above keel
• 32' 10" max.
• 4 Babcock & Wilcox, 634 psi boilers
• 4 GE geared steam turbines
• 4 Screws
• 100,000 hp (75 MW)
• 32.5 knots (60 km/h)
• 1,400 officers and enlisted
• 3 x 6" / 47 guns (1 triple turret)
• 2 x 5" / 38 guns (1 dual mount)
• 1 twin-rail Talos launcher
• Belt: 3.25 - 5 in.
• Deck: 2 in.
• Turrets: 1.5 - 6 in.
• Barbettes: 6 in.
• Missile Magazine: 1.5 in

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