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Hull Number "4"

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Updated; 15 March, 2021

Provided below is a listing of all U.S. Navy ships with a hull number "4" designator as listed on the NavSource web-site and as found elsewhere. (NavSource is dedicated to Naval History and has over 41,400 images online. Most  photos are available for downloading.)

The first table provides an alphabetical list of ships by Name.  The second table lists all ships alpha-numerically by Hull Number, The second table also provides the ship's Classification (type) data as well as other miscellaneous data.

Alphabetical Listing by Name
U.S. Navy and U.S.N.S. Ships with Hull No. 4

A - C
Name / Number
D - Q
Name / Hull Number
R - Z
Name / Hull Number
USS Abatan / AW-4
USS Adonis / ARL-4
USS Alert / AS-4
USS Allioth / AVS-4
APL-4 / APL-4
USS Argonne / AP-4
ATR-4 / ATR-4
USS Austin / LPD-4
USS Avocet / AVP-4
USS Bataan / AVT-4
USS Bath / AK-4
USS Belmont / AGTR-4
Blackwood, HMS / DE-4
USS Bowditch / AGS-4
USS Boxer / LDH-4
USS Brazos / AO-4
USS Cheyenne / IX-4
USS Chloris / ARV(E)-4
USS Clemson / AVD-4
USS Curtiss / AV-4
USNS Curtiss / T-AVB-4
USS Cyclops / AC-4
USS Dale / DD-4
USS Detroit / AOE-4
USS Epping Forest / APM-4
USS Errol / AKL-4
USS James M. Gilliss / T-AGOR-4
USS Glacier / AF-4
USS Glacier / AGB-4
USS Gopher State / T-ACS 4
USS Iowa / BB-4
USS Keokuk / AKN-4
USS Lawrence / DDG-4
USS Willis A. Lee / DL-4
USS Mallard / ASR-4
USS Mercy / AH-4
USS Pvt Joseph F. Merrell  / T-AKV-4
USS Mount Baker / AE-4
USS Nassau / LHA-4
USS Omaha / CL-4
USS Pennsylvania / ACR-4
USS Philadelphia / C-4
USS Philippines / CB-4
USS Pittsburgh / CA-4
USS Pollux / AKS-4
USS Portunus / AGP-4
USS Ranger / CC-4
USS Ranger / CV-4
USS Redwing / ARS-4
USS Richfield / T-AGM-4
USS Saturn / AG-4
USS Saugus / AN-4
USS Saugus / LSV-4
USS Saugus / MCS-4
USS Savannah / AOR-4
USS Sea Cliff / DSV-4
USS Searcher / AGR-4
SS-4 / SS-4
USS Tackle / ARST-4
USS Talbot / FFG-4
USS Thor / ARC-4
USS Triumph / T-AGOS-4
USS Tutuila / ARG-4
USS Vestal / AR-4
USS Wabash / AOG-4
USS White Plains / AFS-4
USS Whitney / AD-4
USS Windless / ARSD-4
USS Zeus / ARB-4

Alpha-Numerical Listing by Hull Number
U.S. Navy Ships with Hull No. 4
Hull No.
Ship Name
Ship Classification
Misc. Data
AC-4 Cyclops Collier -
ACR-4 Pennsylvania Armored Cruiser Renamed Pittsburgh 27 Aug 1912
AD-4 Whitney Destroyer Tender -
AE-4 Mount Baker Ammunition Ship ex Kilauea
AF-4 Glacier Store Ship -
AFDB-4 AFDB-4 Dry Dock ex ABSD-4
AFS-4 White Plains Combat Stores Ship -
AG-4 Saturn Miscellaneous Auxiliary Ship ex Collier
AGB-4 Glacier Icebreaker -
AGP-4 Portunus Motor Torpedo Boat Tender ex LST-330
AGR-4 Searcher Radar Picket Ship ex YAGR-4
AGS-4 Bowditch Survey Ship ex AG-30
AGTR-4 Belmont Technical Research Ship
ex AG-167
AH-4 Mercy Hospital Ship -
Bath Cargo Ship ex ID-1997
AKL-4 Errol Light Cargo Ship ex Army FS-274, ex Navy AG-133
AKN-4 Keokuk Net Cargo Ship ex CM-8
AKS-4 Pollux General Stores Ship -
AN-4 Saugus Net Laying Ship Reclassified AP-109 / LSV-4 / MCS-4
AO-4 Brazos Fleet Oiler -
AOE-4 Detroit Fast Command Support Ship -
AOG-4 Wabash Gasoline Tanker -
AOR-4 Savannah Replenishment Fleet Tanker -
AP-4 Argonne Transport Ship Reclassified AS-10
APL-4 APL-4 Barracks Craft -
APM-4 Epping Forest Mechanized Artillery Transport Reclassified LSD-4
AR-4 Vestal Repair Ship ex Collier No. 1
ARB-4 Zeus Battle Damage Repair Ship ex LST-132
ARC-4 Thor Cable Laying/Repair Ship ex Vanadis (AKA-49)
ARG-4 Tutuila Internal Combustion Engine Repair Ship -
ARL-4 Adonis Landing Craft Repair Ship ex LST-83
ARS-4 Redwing Rescue And Salvage Ship ex AM-48
ARSD-4 Windless Salvage Lifting Vessel ex LSM-552
ARST-4 Tackle Salvage Craft Tender ex ARS-37, Reclass. IX-217
ARV(E)-4 Chloris Aircraft Repair Ship ex LST-1094
AS-4 Alert Submarine Tender -
ASR-4 Mallard Submarine Rescue Vessel ex AM-44
ATR-4 ATR-4 Rescue Ocean Tug
AV-4 Curtiss Seaplane Tender
AVD-4 Clemson Seaplane Tender, Destroyer ex DD-186, ex AVP-17,
Reclassified APD-31
AVP-4 Avocet Small Seaplane Tender ex AM-19
AVS-4 Allioth Aviation Stores Ship ex IX-204
AVT-4 Bataan Auxiliary Aircraft Landing Training Ship ex CVL-29
AW-4 Abatan Distilling Ship ex AO-92
BB-4 Iowa Battleship -
C-4 Philadelphia Protected and 3rd Class Cruiser Reclassified IX-24
CA-4 Pittsburgh Armored Cruiser  ex ACR-4
CB-4 Philippines Large Cruiser Planned but never laid down
CC-4 Ranger Battle Cruiser Scrapped Incomplete
17 Aug 1923
CL-4 Omaha Light Cruiser -
CV-4 Ranger Aircraft Carrier -
DD-4 Dale Gun Destroyer -
DDG-4 Lawrence Guided Missile Destroyer -
DE-4 Blackwood, HMS Destroyer Escort Built as un-named DE-4.
To Britain under Lend-Lease as K-313
DL-4 Lee, Willis A. Destroyer Leader -
DSV-4 Sea Cliff Submersible Research Vehicle -
Guided Missile Frigate (Brooke Class)
ex DEG-4
IX-4 Cheyenne Miscellaneous Unclassified Ship ex BM-10 Wyoming
LPD-4 Austin Amphibious Transport Dock -
Landing Ship Vehicle (Osage Class)
ex AN-4, AP-109 reclassified MCS-4
Mine Countermeasures Support Ship
ex AN-4, AP-109, LSV-4
SS-4 SS-4 Submarine (Adder Class) ex Grampus  A3
T-ACS-4 Gopher State Crane Ship -
T-AGM-4 Richfield Missile Range Instrumentation Ship -
T-AGOR-4 Gilliss, James M. Oceanographic Research Ship -
T-AGOS-4 Triumph Ocean Surveillance Ship -
T-AKV-4 Merrell, Pvt Joseph F. Aircraft Transport Ship Reclassified T-AK-275
T-AVB-4 Curtiss Aviation Maintenance Logistics Ship -

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