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The Reopening of the Suez Canal

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Received from Ed Daly LCDR, (Staff), 1974-1975: "Following the transit of  the Suez Canal, LR visited Alexandria, which at that time was host to most of the Russian Mediterranean Fleet.  The pilot purposely circled the harbor so all the Russian ships could be seen and identified. (The alliance between Egypt and USSR was about to break up).  The Intelligence types had a field day photographing the ships to the extent that they ran out of film, as did the ship's store.  The Intelligence officers then requested that any crew members having unused film to donate it to them!"

Received 30 Mar 2010 from Daniel Suggs,

"As we navigated the Suez Canal music could be heard from atop the Little Rock. I saw the pix of the 6th Fleet band, however I can't find a pix of an obscure little band called Drift Factor, a product of Rec services. The ship purchased drums, a couple of amplifiers and a keyboard for voluntary use of undesignated musicians on board.  We also played at the enlisted men's club in town (that memory is a bit foggy). We played some good time rock and roll for the viewers on shore through the canal. The XO at that time was paramount in the organization of the band.

I also rode her back to Philly for the decommissioning, and to pick up my “piece of the Rock”, a small block of the wooden deck given to us at that time, just to stir up lots of good memories from that time in my life.

I hope to go back to Gaeta someday."

Received 14 July 2009 from Wayne Fountain FTM1
"As we approached the canal small boats placed palm fronds in front of the ship. Quite impressive.
I mainly remember manning the rail and how hot it was. When I see the soldiers in Iraq I think of that heat.
Along the canal Egyptian soldiers had small trenches dug in the banks with corregated metal roofs.
Then the overnight stay in the Lake Isma-something. As we strung up lights from stem to stern I remember thinking 'What a fine target we are'."

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