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"What Really Happened in Rio"
Fred Hoeppner, LCDR

In an e-mail to Woody Donaldson, Fred Hoeppner wrote the following:

Hi Woods. 

Just found your name at the bottom of the Restoration Fund envelope and then decided to take another look at the website.  You have done a great job and be assured that we all appreciate your work.  The website brought back many memories.  I think that I am the middle officer in the group picture in the Rio bar.  I was also the Duty Commander the day of the Brazilian encounter with our liberty party. The story as I received it differs somewhat from the newspaper article.  What I got from our sailors and the investigating office was that there was some sort of jam-up at a bus which was instigated by some Brazilian boys.  Words, then I guess our guys after being provoked hammered a few of them.   The police advised later that this was a staged event.  I recall no other reports of our crew being in trouble or out of line during the entire cruise.  W.E. Miller, our Captain, was an experienced officer and had made it very clear to all hands at the very beginning that "their will be no problems ashore".  For the record, I was in the pre-commissioning detail and served as Communication Officer 3/45 - 2/46 when I fleeted up to Navigator 2/46 - 11/47 .

Regards, Fred

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