U. S. S. Little Rock Association
2013 - 22nd Annual Reunion
Buffalo, NY

July 17-21, 2013

The Following Shipmates Attended the 2013 Reunion in Buffalo, NY.

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Todd Areson

Bob & Carol Baker

Elvin & Sheila Bates

Harold Beers

Frank & Gaye Berglas

Gene & Carol Biser
and guest Wesley Biser

Donald & Denise Bixby

Obert & Donna Blaisdell

Al & Babs Body

John Branning (Naval Park)

Rick Byxbee

Mickey Cahoon
and guest Betty Seitz

Bill & Mary Jane Cameron

Ed Canada

Stephan & Lisa Chase

Joe & Shirley Cislo

John & Betty Cockram
and guests Beatrice Cribb,
Scott Schuesler,
 Elizabeth Schuesler, Ed Sowers,
Cynthia Sowers, Sophia Sowers,
and Isabella Sowers

John Conjura

Curtis & Betty Cottrell

Pat Cunningham
(Naval Park)

Sandy & Laurie Curlett

Boyd Cutright

Ray & Dee Cutter
and guests Chris & Christine Cutter,
Caroline Cutter and Lauren Cutter

Bob Demers

John & Carol Downs

Jerry Dupuis

Dan & Judy Eddington

Don & Doreen Eiferd

Donald & DeAnna Elliott

Leif & Audrey Elstad

James & Stephanie Embrey

Edward & Sandra Flick

Tommy Frayne

Frank & Bobbie Gelinas

Richard & Becky Graham

George & Lorraide Guthrie

Jerry & Peggy Hall

Ed & Nancy Hart

Clarence & Debbie Herberholz

Al Himsworth

Paul & Janice Holbrook
and guest Julian Smith

Ronald Hopple
and guest Duane Hopple

Alan Huber

Marty Hunt

Rickey & Donna Jamieson
and guest Addison Jamieson

Thomas & Carol Jones

Gus Karlsen

Jim & Rose Kays
and guests Ferdinand Kays,
Michael McRae,
Limin McRae, Michael McRae and Austin McRae

Tom & Margaret Keane

William & Katherine Krajeski

Peter & Laurel Krill

John & Eileen Landwehr

Frank & Pegge Lapore

Joseph Loughran

Duane Luebeck
and guest Dave Luebeck

Rick & Teri Materna
and guests Adam  & Paige Lanoue

Sid & Vi Mayo

Dennis & Patricia McAllister

John Meyers

Richard & Darlene Michel

Jack Morgan

Steve Muse

James & Mary Naglieri

John Oboikovitz

Isabelle Oldford

Roger & Skip Oosterink

Marie Oosterink Groot

Leo & Andree Palamara

Nick & Grace Perillo

John Pizzariella

James & Miriam Poole

Nancy & Larry Reesman

Jimmy Reeves
and guests Tammy Chapman,
Cody Chapman and Abigail Chapman

Chuck Ritzel

Ray & Marilyn Rivero

John & Kay Roberts

Rod & Mary Royer

Lawrence Rubin
and guest Rena Chappell

Ward Rusling

Joseph Russell

Stanley Rutherford
and guests Deborah Vosburg and
Scott Rutherfor

Dave & Carol Schappell

Alan Schlosser

Donald & Marlene Schuld

Peter & Joni Schultz

Hugh Scott

Mike & Gay Shultz

Kent & Addie Siegel

Edward & Linda Smiley

Gil Smith

 Timothy & Danielle Smith
and guests Hunter and Alex Smith

Bill & Mary Stankiewicz

Bob & Joanne Stigerts

Bill & Karen Stowell

Phil & Carol Sutton

Jerry & Alison Texel
and guests Justin Gili and Jeremy Texel

Arthur & Jane Tilley

Walter & Lynn Vermaaten
and guests Rick Cashman & Martha Vermaaten

Richard & Tisha Wallace

Larry & Annabelle Wallace

Lance & Gloria Wallace

Gordon Wells

John Whidden

Cliff Wilson

Bud Wooster
and guest Gail Wooster

Allan Yoder

Paul & Shirley Zimmerman

Don Zinteck (Photographer)

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