Page last updated: 26 September, 2016

Severe Snow and Wind Damage to U.S.S. Little Rock as a result of Buffalo's 15 October 2006 Storm

Dick Smith ( the "Main Man" with regards to maintenance and upkeep on the Little Rock ) sent us the pictures shown below, which vividly depict the damage sustained by the ship after the surprise blizzard in Buffalo on 15 October 2006.
Dick's e-mail which accompanied the photos reads as follows:

"Little Rock suffered extensive damage to fantail awning when a surprise snow storm moved in the Buffalo area Oct 12th. High winds and 24 inches of wet snow was too much for the support rigging and canvas."

Mother nature beat me to the takedown I had planned for this week.

I should get my patio furniture in."

Snow 1

Fantail Awning

View is looking forward from extreme aft end
of the ship. Weight of wet snow combined
with high winds collapsed the entire fan-
tail awning structure. Melted snow holds
the awning to the deck.

Snow 2

Fantail Awning

Looking forward from aft end of the ship,
as viewed from under the awning. (Note the
bent awning support stanchions.) Support
stanchions are are steel and approximately
2"-3" in  diameter.

Snow 3

Fantail Awning

View looking aft towards the fantail from the
starboard side of the missile launcher. Awn-
ing has been torn and sags from the weight
of melted snow. Stanchions are bent and
torn from their deck sockets.

Snow 4

Fantail Awning

This view is of the aft starboard side of the
fantail. Note the bent and broken support
stanchions and the tension on the heavy
gauge guy wire.